First blog post

Hey everyone I wanted to make this blog to show you what I luv to do as far as crafting and and also other amaizing things I do with my family I also might start posting show notes of the YouTube podcast that I make for my knitting adventures and all the good things that comes within that I also have to say that I am enjoying this community a whole lot I never thought there were so many wonderful people out here I have to say thank you to those that subscribe to my channel and for those who are just checking my channel subscribe hit like is free and lets join each other in this amaizing community I can’t wait to share all these fun things I will be making or getting into.

life is good! things are going great!

I have to say working out and staying persistent works and dedication is all it takes guys you have to push your self to make the change for me is loosing weight and now I weight myself and I lost 13 pound in a month and I am so proud of myself and I feel more energy and more exiting about the workout and this makes me so happy life is great ,life is what you make of it and In the day make time for yourself at least an hour for something you want to do for your self and it could be to draw or to color or to bake a cake or to knit I love to knit so I make garments and socks and other items I love to make and that keeps me saint I also love to make planner things for my planners and I love to write poems if you guys are interested in seeing the things I am creating I will here things are going good yes when you love yourself and you feel motivated to do something positive it makes everything better truth be told now the hubby is eating healthy and that makes me happy for him he is a sexy big men I love how strong he is and those eyes did I mention I love him he is also the one that motivates me to do better he is a trooper and he makes sure I am okay my son also motivates me for better and I love him so much my twin girls keeps me going and that’s life I love it yesterday I clean my yarn room and I had fun doing so I have to admit is great it is a small room but I make it work I have a knitting section I have a sewing section and a computer work station all in one small room and guess what I love it so much is my happy zone soon I will be sewing now that I organized the room and put things where I can find them and everything has its place I love it

Today is a great day everyone god has giving us another day of life and beauty what more can we want!

I woke up sleepy and with no energy to do anything but as soon as i stretch out and said thank you god for a new day for all your blessings and god bless my kids and family and hubby and my kids i went to the bathroom feeling grrrr but i put some Tyler Perry inspirational youtube affirmation videos as i wash my mouth and did my dace routine all that bad energy went away slowly i even manage to wear something nice and i feel good about myself and i am exited for a new day to start i was gonna wear some big old sweat pants and then i said i am not gonna wear this i pull out some nike tights and a a nice loose tank and my Jordan’s and a cardigan because i have a appointment and my daughter as well so yeah put some jewelry on and here i am happy and taking over have a bless day everyone

Have you ever gone to speak to a psychiatrist and they make you look crazy!

I swear these doctors are crazy because i may have issues dont mean i want to kill myself or harm myself i have kids to live for noone take cares of my kids better then me noone will cater to them the way i do life is hard and people make you look like your crazy i am not crazy my kids are my world and life happens but we seek help to be helped not to be judge or signal like your crazy or your not doing your part i do a lot and i am the head of our household i manage i take care of everything people should be a little more cautious on how they speak to people because you can hurt their feelings not everyone is willing to hurt their self situations in life happens but i am one of those that wont hurt myself or my kids i luv being a mom with all the headaches that comes with it and more life is great because of my kids having to do things to make them happy and better their education thats what keeps me saint having my dogs and knitting keeps me saint trying to workout that keeps me saint