I don’t know what I should name these socks hmmmmm 

So I started knitting these with my dpns and one crack but since the don brings 6 sticks I figure is ok I’ll just use another don from the pack and this time they broke boy was I upset because I bought these at vogue knitting life this year January 14 2017 and they suck then I put them on magic loop and I was doing fine until I accidentally knit one hole round with one yarn boy was that another headache but then Verna helped me take them apart and that was another mess because I had loop the yarn that was soppose to be for the green sock to the orange stitch marker ok that happen so she manage to save me but then again I had to rip back until the ribbing and then put them in magic loop but boy was that a tradic Jesus but in the end they are ok and I have been enjoying knitting them on magic look I will be careful Next’s time.

First blog post

Hey everyone I wanted to make this blog to show you what I luv to do as far as crafting and and also other amaizing things I do with my family I also might start posting show notes of the YouTube podcast that I make for my knitting adventures and all the good things that comes within that I also have to say that I am enjoying this community a whole lot I never thought there were so many wonderful people out here I have to say thank you to those that subscribe to my channel and for those who are just checking my channel subscribe hit like is free and lets join each other in this amaizing community I can’t wait to share all these fun things I will be making or getting into.