I noticed that life is what you make of it!

You know how we always say because of this i am like this but the truth is our choices that has gotten us here maybe we should make better choices if you see that what you have been doing hasnt gotten you anywhere change things up we might be with mister right now or miss right now but those the person your with want more those that person your with wanting the same thing or is that person lazy and contend with what they have and want nothing else the question is what you want and what your gonna do to make it happened because if the person your with has a million excuses as to why this or that then maybe you need to one let him or her go or try to talk it out and make a better living for the both of you life is not easy but you have to make sacrifices to get to your dreams and make them happened because noone will and you will stay stuck and thats not kool so is not the kids or your sicknesses is your choices that stops you from getting what you want yes kids might slow down the process for you but not impossible make it happened stop depending on your spouse or men or women to help you there maybe you need to make it happened

Published by ladycraftsalot83

Hey everyone my name is Nereida and I am happy to be here and I will post pictures of my knitting or crochet and anything crafting. I will also post like any adventures I get into as well as planner things. I also luv to read and listen to music and I haven't pain but that's on my list boy ya this is going to be a kook adventure I can't wait to start. I a mother of a 15 years old son name yavan and I also have a set of twin girls Ashley and Ariana they are 7 years old. I luv my kids they mean the world to me and they complete me in every way. I also have a knitting podcast name ladycraftsalot83 podcast https://youtu.be/-mjRefGSMi4 here is my link for Herbalife team beauty https://nereidadelgado.goherbalife.com/Catalog/Home/Index/en-us

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