here i have a story about a women who gave her all and thought she was the one but keep reading!

here you have a women who has mood swings and a bit of a hard personality to be with but a women that is loyal and gives the world to the men she desides to let in her world so here goes she had left a previous relationship that was toxic and a 11 yearsContinue reading “here i have a story about a women who gave her all and thought she was the one but keep reading!”

I wanted to cut my to my shoulders and i wanted red of course and i also wanted bangs i also told the lady that i cant use bleach on my head because my scalp is sensitive to bleach so the lady says i got you dont worry i dont use bleach and so i believe her mind you i gave three warning that i cant use bleach and that i cant have the product on to long then i ask how much will it be and they said 75 for my cut and color i said omg u sure she said sure okay anywho i dont know what product she used that didnt change half of my head blond and the other half didnt want to change so she send the other beautisian to get another product because it just wouldnt take the color so yeah she applies the product and i inmediatly felt like my sculp was burning and my head felt like it was on fire and she didnt want to take the product of so this time i yelled at her and told her what did you put on my heald is burning me she says i use bleach i said are you fucking nuts i told you this would hurt me and to not use the bleach on my head then to top it off she cut too much of my hair and i told her i didnt want the bangs nomore let alone when i got home i had a bunch of scalps bumps because she didnt even wash my hair right i had dye in my sculp and a lot of yagas on my head then she tride to charge me $175 i said are you nuts you said $75 so thats what i am paying you and you over cut my hair you burn my scalp and you try to play me i will never go there ever again

This is what i wanted but thats not what i got

Hey everyone are you ready for Christmas? I was asked! Keep reading!

As i look at the person that ask me this question i had to take a breather and think because while this person is worrying about Christmas i am trying to get back into paying all my depts and trying to keep myself from danger things in the world are getting scarry men are kidnappingContinue reading “Hey everyone are you ready for Christmas? I was asked! Keep reading!”

you ever wonder why the day goes by so fast!

so you ever wonder why or where those the day goes. and you don’t know on what you spend the day on or doing. well i couldn’t sleep last night so i was watching YouTube and it suddenly hit me. life is so dame buzzy we don’t get a chance to usah! and yes asContinue reading “you ever wonder why the day goes by so fast!”

So i clean my nail tools an i disinfect with bar-beside and then i played with foil papers and rimestones and here is what i came up these my natural nail no tips or acrylic for now it turned out cute hope you like it

Good morning everyone how is your morning going?

As for me a nice cup of coffee starts my day and a appointment awaits for me i am feeling energized now and ready for the day ahead i will be cleaning and listening to music and eating healthy and being possitive and reading a book life is great everyone enjoy every day like ifContinue reading “Good morning everyone how is your morning going?”