The sad truth of some parents and the reson some kids stay away

Have you ever wonder why some kids tend to stay away from their parents well let me tell you a story as a young woman i have struggle with the love of my mom and though i tried to be such a loving daughter and i was always their but not for one moment i matter to her i am now 39 years old and i wonder why do i keep putting myself through why must i continue to try to be a part of her life if i am only needed when need be or for something i have to admit my kids suffered a lot the disapointment of having a grandma that only cares about other kids and other sibblings more then her own i have tried numerous time for my kids to be around her and to have a better life and to love their grandma but time and time again is pointless though i love my mom more then anything i am never the one she loves more nor her grandkids is sad when she states that she will stay with the girls the weekend and so hubby and i thought we would have a brake is when she tends to mess everything up interesting why am i surprised when it comes to me and my kids is like we bother her but let another family member ask of her to please babysit she runs like always but for me it has never that way it hurts me deeply to always feel as if i dont matter but maybe i should stop questioning myself and maybe stop caring but how those one ignore their mother as a child i was never loved or cared for yes i had a rough i had clothes and things but i never had a mom i am no saint at all but i have change my ways for my kids to give them a better life and i have to say i am a great mom even though others might think different truth is i am happy but inside i am destroy many times i stay away from her because i know who she really is and i know you cant change noone but why do i have to always feel left out or neglected i have a set of twin girls who have special needs and she has not been a part of our life as much and life has been hard to deal with the changes that comes with kids with certain needs and i am a strong women i am loyal but i do not wish to be noones fool ever again i am tired of being nice and treated like shit i have three kids my son is going to the navy he turns twenty this year a d i have to say i have done an amazing job raising him and my girls are 11 with special needs but yet intelligent and bright if i say so myself but yet i have been strong and though at times i have cried and pull my hair because their are challenges that comes with that but i hold my grounds it is 11:25 pm and for her to say she will stay with the girls for the weekend she actually called me to pick up the girls at this time it is super late and i dont have the girls outside so late but for a grandma that wanted to spend the weekend with her grandkids to call me to picked them up at this time says a lot about being grandma the disappointment is bigger then words can explain if i am wrong to think or feel this way because i feel like i am drowning so comment down below

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Hey everyone my name is Nereida and I am happy to be here and I will post pictures of my knitting or crochet and anything crafting. I will also post like any adventures I get into as well as planner things. I also luv to read and listen to music and I haven't pain but that's on my list boy ya this is going to be a kook adventure I can't wait to start. I a mother of a 15 years old son name yavan and I also have a set of twin girls Ashley and Ariana they are 7 years old. I luv my kids they mean the world to me and they complete me in every way. I also have a knitting podcast name ladycraftsalot83 podcast here is my link for Herbalife team beauty

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