sometimes life tries to test you I swear!

there are times everything Is going well and out of nowhere you get slap in the face with your past and yes my past I have to say I am so happy with my hubby that none can dull this we are complete then I get this message from a friend of mine starting that my ex would like to see the girls and that just put me in all sorts of way like my mood change and I dont know how I feel truth I thought I would never hear from him again but here he is writing to a friend of ours this and it just put me to think now you remember the girls now you care I do know this person is very special to my twins but how do you deal you get me I dont want problems with my hubby I am a honest women I did tell my hubby that my ex wrote to my friend about wanting to see the girls I have to say a lot of bad can happen with this matter like my son once threaten me with leaving and never talking to me if I ever let this guy back in my life or the girls so thats out of the question here but it brong back pain in my heart and a lot of tears Because he put me through hell and back this is just crazy I think god is putting me through a test or something but I dont know how am I suppose to deal with this or is there something god is telling me!

cleaning and getting reed of things I dont need!why is it so hard to get rid of things?

for the most part we grow accustom to our items and we figure if we get rid of them what if we need them yeah story of our life as I and the hubby clean the living room today I figure it is time to get rid of some items that dont bring me joy and so I got rid of the side tables and the coffee table from my living room because I just dont love it any more so yeah that made me happy to start also I organized my nail desk and the the plastic drawers I have so that I dont keep items I dont need in them and only have things I will be using for the nails that worked out great for me today because I got rid of one big container and I minimize the things I didn’t need on the desk as well the living room looks so good I also got rid of the love seat because I had gotten these two chairs from Ikea the clear ones and they look amaizing in the living room my son said I was crazy but I love how minimilistic and clean it looks also I fix my plants and I put these cute vases with fake flowers up on the window it looks amaizing and I had purchased two paintings from a furniture store and the hubby put them on the walls they look amaizing up on the walls now I move a gold mirror up on the opposite wall and I have a nice big sun in the opposite wall it looks amaizing yeah I think I said that like to many times but the living room looks so cute now I have this giant wall that I need to put a nice big frame of Manhathan or puertorico on that wall with lights on them thats what I want I also have this floor mirror omg is Gorgs gold and I cant wait to take pictures there I will post picture of it soon so I was cleaning and moving furniture in the living room and the hubby clean the kitchen very productive day what you guys got into today? we sometimes get attach to items that we dont want to part with but in order to change and make a change we have to let go of certain items and sometimes better things come happy Sunday everyone

Have you ever consider audio books!

Well i have and today i listen to a couple of them and to tell you the truth it was amaizing to listen to someone read a book to you while you clean or knit this was amaizing and relaxing i herd the audiobook of zane the book addicted oh my god this book is amaizing if you never read this book then where you been also if you download libby the library app you can borrow audio books i luv it it is relaxing now i am listening to lick a book by kylie scott is verry good i also listen to nora robert books and its amaizing i do like erotic books if you also borrow books or audio books in the app libby let me know maybe ill checkout your books

Sunday rainy day! Blah! should i workout? Hmm discipline……..

So today i woke up in pain and this rain like oh my god i have so much pain and to top it off my coach sends me a message hey girl good morning workout at 10 am today i was debating on weather or not to do it i did drink my shake but i was thinking should i do the workout or should i stay in bed any who hearing this motivational video on youtube made me get up and brush my teeth and drink my shake and ignore the pain and do the workout as i was doing the workout i was enjoying myself and it woke me up you guys like you have to discipline yourself to stop the excuses sometimes and get to it because you have to if not you wont be able to accomplish nothing in life and if we want to look snacth you have to do the work like they say no pain no game so i got my ass up and did the workout now im feeling energized and ready for my day will shower wash my hair soak off my nails do a podcast and knit and read a book yeah and eat helthy have a bless saturday