Hey everyone are you ready for Christmas? I was asked! Keep reading!

As i look at the person that ask me this question i had to take a breather and think because while this person is worrying about Christmas i am trying to get back into paying all my depts and trying to keep myself from danger things in the world are getting scarry men are kidnapping kids they are also following women and rapping them like i dont even like to go outside alone and while my hubby was out of work for two months we are trying to catch up to our bills while feeding our kids and paying the rent and stuff i believe we should worry about being safe and trying to avoid going home late and try to not be alone in certain areas even though i have manage to get three gifts so far i am not worrying about the rest of the family as much because we have make sure we have a lot of toilet papers and hand towells and have lots of can goods as possible things are getting worse and worse in this world we live in and im sorry if im not stressing Christmas as much but their are things i have to worry about first like my home and my kids thats important and priorities because we dont know what life throws at us and i want to be prepare for it now that hubby is back working and doing his thing we trying to pay all the bills and maintain while doing our day to day things but i will be getting the kids their gifts but not all of them because you have to have a limit and thats important to me i believe those that are close to us will be receiving a little gift from us but we need to safe money and have a budget thats importand do you feel the same way?

you ever wonder why the day goes by so fast!

so you ever wonder why or where those the day goes. and you don’t know on what you spend the day on or doing. well i couldn’t sleep last night so i was watching YouTube and it suddenly hit me. life is so dame buzzy we don’t get a chance to usah! and yes as a mom things are a bit hectic and all over the place i also started working out so yeah once i get home from working out i shower eat and then off to bed i go. but last night i couldn’t sleep and sometimes i wonder why am i so moody or why i never stop to think and then it hit me. i live such an amazing life. yes i do as crazy as it is with three kids i have a wonderful hubby as well. and was happy to realize that for once i am happy and with no drama what so ever. that i can sleep in piece and wake up in piece. that i cherish everything in my life. i even turned on a candle and made myself a cup of pumpkin spice coffee with cinnamon and watch YouTube and i am living the best life ever. sometimes we have to stop wishing for what we don’t have and enjoy what we do have. the little things to me matter the most. and i just have to let go of the past and let by gone to be bygones. and just breath and take it all in. there are gonna be tuff times and great times but we need to ride it off to better ourselves or to make better choices. i notice that being comfortable is good but not great because then i slack and gain weight and that’s not good for my health and so i started working out to better myself and to focus on the things i can fix not the things i cant fix and to take it day by day but for the most part i am so happy and super exited for this new chapter in my life. i also have two dogs nene and princess and they make me so happy and yeah there is nothing better in life then having a rough food and health to raise my kids i am so happy i notice that i have so much good to thank god and to remember that life is what you make of it like i stated earlier is the little things for me that makes a big difference and that makes me happy.


AS FOR ME IVE BEEN WORKING OUT OR AT LEAST TRYING TO SO THAT I CAN KEEP IN SHAPE AND ALSO BECAUSE IT IS GOOD FOR THE MENTAL HEALTH AND FOR MAKING TIME FOR MYSELF and for putting myself first at least one hour a day so that i can socialize with my friends and it feels so good to work out i feel alife sometimes i kinda be lazy and maybe dont want to go but then i still push myself to go and so i feel alife happy and so motivated to do so it makes me so happy and i enjoy the workouts truth be told the workouts are not easy at all but i try and i stay connected and everyday i try to make better desicions and it is a slow progress but i am active and doing something as oppose to just being in bed all day and letting life pass me by that being said i have try to make a scheduled to post for you guys again i just been a bit stress but i am here and ready for war no just kidding but i need a change to stay active what do you do to stay active i knit and listen to music that keeps me alife and i focus on the bigger picture and so here i am ill post pictures this week of everything i been upto

So i clean my nail tools an i disinfect with bar-beside and then i played with foil papers and rimestones and here is what i came up these my natural nail no tips or acrylic for now it turned out cute hope you like it

Good morning everyone how is your morning going?

As for me a nice cup of coffee starts my day and a appointment awaits for me i am feeling energized now and ready for the day ahead i will be cleaning and listening to music and eating healthy and being possitive and reading a book life is great everyone enjoy every day like if its your last but in a safe way and cherish your family and love yourself and if there is something that you dont like about yourself change it baby steps and work twards your goals god is great have a great day everyone

when your family dont think and ask you for help when they know that your life can be in danger! yes you read this right!

today is like any other day i woke up made a cup of tea got the twins ready and took them to school and now i am watching youtube knitting and just relaxing i get a call that i was needed with my hubby to go with so and so to his old apartment and they cant go alone because they dont know what to expect i said okay ill be soon later on on the day i go to the so and sos house to meet with them and we start walking to the persons old house and mind you i have a plier in my sweater and hubby has a blade with him because we dont know what could happened i also tell so and so that i have kids and that we can not get involve in any drama because i am getting to old for this anywho this person tells me but you have to go i only have you to help us blah blah but i said okay if something happens to me is gonna stay in your head then i start walking to the persons house with my hubby and so and so now we getting near the building and i start to notice there are people like looking at us funny so i pretend to talk in the fone and i start to walk around the block and i soon found a seat or a bench on the other side of the building and i start to knit and pretend i am having a conversation with someone and then i was called to go uptairs and then i went upstairs and then i recorded what was in the apartment and when i saw what was in the apartment and the amount of contraband that was their i told so and so that we had to go because this is not good and we can get killed because of the things that we saw in this apartment another thing is i never herd of a person having two housing apartment and the fact that they still had the other apartment open this is bullshit but anyways then their was a guy that was watching me downstairs and as i walked to the store this person follow me and then i went in a store and they went in the store so i knew this was gonna go the other way then my hubby tells me this guy is infront of the house and told them that they need to leave right now this was weird but i get it because their shit is in this apartment that if you know about the street life they can kill you because they feel like you on their shit and wao the fact that this person did not care that i couldve been dead for this bullshit made me think different about family because the fact that they didnt think about my kids it made me look at things different like i havent been in the streets for 15 years ive been doing good and i change my life 100% for my kids and the fact that my life couldve ended their in an instant is crazy like i went in the apartment took a video of what is in their what if they wouldve come back and got us shot in this apartment thats crazy i am stress and a little lost because the person that send me is someone that soppose to care for me and always want me to do better i just dont understand why would this person put me in danger like this it makes me wonder did this person ever love me like i am still in shock i am not scared of anything but all i had was a plier like this is crazy by the way this is a real story i lived this this week this is why i didnt write for these few weeks i believe?

hey everyone i have to say this week was so exiting for me i test knit a pattern for a friend of mine and i finished it

i test knitted a pair of socks for my friend and i have to say as soon as this pattern comes out you have to buy it and knit it you wont regret it the pattern is written right and easy to knit it you wont regret it the truth is i never finish a pair of socks in a week and so i did it and i am so proud of myself also i don’t usually knit my socks toe up socks and here i am knitting these socks toe up with a afterthought heel and a one by one twisted rib cuff i have to say i enjoy it i will be knitting more toe up socks thanks to this pattern i have pictures to post here later but i just wanted to talk about the pattern the designer is cairo_designs and he is such an amazing person and such a sweet heart a fun guy to hangout with and he is so funny you would have a nice day with him he is such a talker and so nice i love him he makes my day and he is one of my besty

I went for a long walk yesterday! I really needed to be outside i notice anxieties strikes when im indoors too long!

So my son decided to go biking and i tag along he said ma u like to go for walks we can do this together and so i said okay the hubby went with me as well as we are walking in the track me and the hubby talk about a lot of things and we laugh and had a great time then my cuzzin mariela came and we had a great time chit chatting and as i stop walking i took my turkish spindle and spin some fiber yeah you herd right and ive seen so many videos on how to spin that i think i got it down pack i believe the truth is i try many years ago and it didnt work one bit so put it away but recently i stumble with a new to me podcast of these amazing twins and they both spin and they had made a vlog on how they spin and it maid me want to try it again so i sping and it was really relaxing and i enjoy it i dont know what i will make with it but i am enjoying the process thus far and we continue to walk to a close park in the area and i and my son and my cuzzin mariela got on the swings and yes we had a great time outside and i then stop swinging myself on the swings and started to spin again and i have to say i am enjoying it then we came to the house to pick up the girls from their bus and i went to the supermarket to get some items to cook with my cuzzing mariela we made ground turkey meat balls and wheat pasta and pillbury buns in the oven we melted butter and garlic together and added it to the buns and boy dinner was great then we chit chat some more and enjoy the day the girls was so exited to be back in school and i was so proud of them they did great in school and thats all that matters

Later on ill post pictures of my spinning and i am also test knitting a sock patter from a friend cairo_designs toe up socks and yeah ill post pictures soon podcast cuming up soon

How was your day ?

i been trying to get into my ravelry account for two days!

i have no clue what happened ive never had this problem before for years ive been able to log in my account with no problems i have a lot of patterns that i purchase on that site and i also have all my projects in my notebook their where everything you knit and post is there and my yarn stash is in there to this is so frustrating i send a message to the owner to the site and they send me a message that they will get to me as soon as possible i hope they do because i love using ravelry for my knitting projects and they have lots of wonderful patterns as well i love this site but as soon as i get it i will be printing the patterns out because this is ridiculous and i am a person that gets stress when things that dont make sence stresses me out oh lord but hopefully they get to me as soon as possible and i can sort my things out this has caused me stressed and because lots of money i spend on buying all these patterns what do you think i should do?

hey just wanted to chat! keep reading!

i also been told that i am obsessed but i just love being bizzy and when i got dissable i kinda do it all the time so i can relate i started of crocheting first but i didnt like the fabric because it is stiff in my opinion but once i learn how to knit it got crazy then i learn about the different fibers that are out there the indie dyers and all the wool and cashmere and yeah you can imagine the rest from there this makes me laugh because the yarn and needles flew across the room a bunch of times but once i got good then i started making dish cloths and socks and garments and hats and from their on is the craft i stuck with i crochet sometimes but knitting is what i love to do and i am so exited to make all the things i am a bit of a selfish knitter even though i do knit hats for my kids and my son got a garment and socks and hats but i rather knit for me my mom gets upset because she wants me to knit a garment for her but i prefer to buy her the yarn and show her how to knit i rather spend that time knitting for myself i hope thats not harsh but i prefer to make a garment for myself instead and i enjoy the process of doing them but just for me more but i dont mind knitting socks and hats for others but yeah i am all about the garments now i also started finishing my old wips because i still want them so ive been knitting all of them slowly but not casting on any projects that are big because i prefere to finish my garments first and i did do that so i am happy about that now i am knitting on my shawl and some socks for the hubby and a hat pattern i am designing and a pair of socks to i knit my socks on a size 1 1.25mm 40 inch needle my prefer needles are hiyahiya sharp knitting needles and my chiagoo knitting needles they are my favorite now i am going crazy because i want to start a new garment but i dont know witch one to start so yeah i have the yarn for the misurina by caitlin hunter and yarn for a few other garments but we will digress yes digress as you should sometimes jajaja so what you amazing people knitting or about to start knitting

today i went food shopping for the kids and i was so happy the government send the parents food stamps for the kids and i have to say people say we have it bad but that’s not true because we get a lot of help here in new york city and i am grateful i just did a big shopping in Walmart and i am so happy because i am disable and any help is good help god is great and i love my life and for having wonderful pain in the but kids and a wonderful hubby life is hard and sometimes a little prayer is all we need to make things happened