Hey everyone are you ready for Christmas? I was asked! Keep reading!

As i look at the person that ask me this question i had to take a breather and think because while this person is worrying about Christmas i am trying to get back into paying all my depts and trying to keep myself from danger things in the world are getting scarry men are kidnapping kids they are also following women and rapping them like i dont even like to go outside alone and while my hubby was out of work for two months we are trying to catch up to our bills while feeding our kids and paying the rent and stuff i believe we should worry about being safe and trying to avoid going home late and try to not be alone in certain areas even though i have manage to get three gifts so far i am not worrying about the rest of the family as much because we have make sure we have a lot of toilet papers and hand towells and have lots of can goods as possible things are getting worse and worse in this world we live in and im sorry if im not stressing Christmas as much but their are things i have to worry about first like my home and my kids thats important and priorities because we dont know what life throws at us and i want to be prepare for it now that hubby is back working and doing his thing we trying to pay all the bills and maintain while doing our day to day things but i will be getting the kids their gifts but not all of them because you have to have a limit and thats important to me i believe those that are close to us will be receiving a little gift from us but we need to safe money and have a budget thats importand do you feel the same way?

Published by ladycraftsalot83

Hey everyone my name is Nereida and I am happy to be here and I will post pictures of my knitting or crochet and anything crafting. I will also post like any adventures I get into as well as planner things. I also luv to read and listen to music and I haven't pain but that's on my list boy ya this is going to be a kook adventure I can't wait to start. I a mother of a 15 years old son name yavan and I also have a set of twin girls Ashley and Ariana they are 7 years old. I luv my kids they mean the world to me and they complete me in every way. I also have a knitting podcast name ladycraftsalot83 podcast https://youtu.be/-mjRefGSMi4 here is my link for Herbalife team beauty https://nereidadelgado.goherbalife.com/Catalog/Home/Index/en-us

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