You guys have to check You ever wonder if you a insert in your planner what you need! Keep reading!

In her site you can create stickers and inserts and those small task cards as well i have to say the decoration and more is outstanding check her out you even got two choices for the subscription one for personal and the other one is for business where you create your site and you can sell the inserts she is so sweet and nice she even take suggestions on anything you would like to see in the site and she accommodate you if you are into planners like me and you tired of putting whiteout on certain things in your planner this is the site for you and you create your inserts to suits you let me know if you check her out

While i weight myself and yes i know my weight is ok but as i maid my breakfast i manage i plan my day and i receive my herbalife package for the new challenge for august so exited i have to say i love it all workout today

I have to say i love waking up in the morning and as i listen to motivational speeches on youtube wash my mouth and do my skincare routine and make my beeakfast and plan my day it feels good to check things off my to do list wnd to take care of myself is important and i thank god everyday for another beautiful day ahead and for having my kids and my hubby in my life it is a blessing when you get to wake up and start another day fresh and on to the next goals i feel so proud of myself life is good how is your morning going?

Back to school! How many of you are not ready for the kids to start school!

For me this is a delicate subject being that my girls are 10 years old and they dont have the vacine and i worry about their well being i dont understand why they havent send the permission to get it i worry because their are so many people that have not gotten the vaccine because they are against it and it is dangerouse for the kids also i think this year the middle school and younger kids should not attend school because they are not safe as a mom it raises concerns to me because the kids need their vaccine i am type of mother that makes sure my kids have all their vaccine and physical done every year and sometimes i have them get it done twice a year because i rather be safe then sorry let me know if you also have this fear of your kids starting school this year and not being vaccinated

life hit her so hard! why did she put up with so much!she had to hurt herself to brake free but she was wrong!

life has hit her so hard she wonder how would it be to live a normal life with a husband and kids and a dog a cute one. she dreamed about the picket fence and two story house and barbecues with the family! she was tired of her childhood of being abused and used when ever people wanted. her word never mattered to anyone. she felt alone, and bad thoughts has trigger her at times. now she is just looking for a way out of her parents house! living there all her life has been a nightmare. being raped and abused has happened over and over again. she was tired of living. she was tired of telling people the truth but being seen as a liar. she try so hard not to be in the same place as her piers but to a fail. her parents always maid her feel like shit like she was the one causing all these things to happened. in other words they blame her and she had gotten hit numerous times. now she wanted out. she had had it and was gonna do what it takes to leave. one day she had gotten a job in mcdonnalds, and things had gotten a little better. she went to school and worked almost everyday to keep herself from going home as much. she prefer to go to work then be around her family. later on in the year she met someone, but truth is she didn’t expects this person to care. she always think everyone is out to get her and that would use her, so she stay away. trusting someone was hard for being that she had trusted a cusin with a secret she had and they told on her. as she continued to work and being dizzy she later on bumped with this cute guy again. this time she stated is it a sign, could this be real someone is interested in me can it be real. anyways she continue working and this young men came in consistently and order the same menu a double cheeseburger and a bottle of water, and always told me hey you look beautiful I’m not gonna front he maid me blush. he then sat in the table right in front of the register and read the newspaper and he kept on looking up towards me. then as he was finish and was throwing out his food he then ask for a curtesy cup of water and so I gave him water and he said thank you see you tomorrow I was shock he said tomorrow ok whatever I thought but no he did came the next day and this time he invited me out to eat but I couldn’t believe it I said no thank you then he said something in Spanish and I said you know Spanish he says yes I’m Puertoriquen I said oh shit I’m sorry I thought you was white no offense but he said non taken but now you gonna go out with me to dinner and that he was coming to get me after work I said ok then and I smile I was so nervous the hole day I drop things and my friend kept laughing at me there’s one more thing I had come to work this day in onion pajamas and a white t-shirt yes you herd right it had to be today oh lord so my friend then tells me you leave at 6pm today I said yes I do she laugh and tells me there is someone in the line for you I said stop playing no he is here and time I said oh my god he is really here I smile he is so cute but this scares me in my mind I said he forgot I hope anyways the next line was done and the girl ask him can I take your order but my friend told her no Nereida got it girl that’s for her I smile and blush a lot trust me I was so nervous and then it was his turn he said I just need a cup of water and ill be here waiting for you hope you bring an appetite I said why not another day he said no today so I said but I’m not dressed for dinner he says who cares but we gonna go eat dinner and so here we are walking out of my job and he takes me to Olive Garden and I was like oh no I look like a kid in pajamas he said dont worry I want to have dinner with you he came with bear his friend and his girlfriend and off we went to eat dinner we did have a good time and we laugh and laugh the food was so good and he was such a gentlemen he was such a sweet heart then we went to a couple dates and then I met his mom and sister and his dad things was moving to fast I was happy for once in my life I felt special important overjoy we then kept seeing each other one thing let the next and in a blink of a eye we ended living together and I was living with him for a while his mom was not happy she couldn’t stand my guts she told me all the time she had prefer him to be with another girl then me I have to say he defended me against her and everybody else she really hate me I thought but it wasn’t true she just as a mother wanted someone better for her son then time past and she teach me how to cook and how to clean the right way how to wash etc and so I became a women I then decide to go to my moms house to pick up my clothes and my mom beat me because I was leaving I couldn’t understand why she is hitting me I had gone to pick my things up with his sister and she told my mom why on earth are you hitting her you through her out so we taking her with us anyways I then just walked out with out my things but a few things I carry and walked out I was crying and he comfort me and maid sure I was ok he really did love me I never knew how much love felt and I finally saw it and felt it I was so happy I smile a lot I was so happy I love him with all my heart and I stood by his side through everything he then helped me go to college and he worked so many hours and he also went to college he was such an amaizing men he never change with me he work go to college and was home he didn’t hang out nor came at whatever time he felt like it he was responsible and honest I felt like I was in heaven like nothing could hurt me so I thought a couple of years later I started talking to my mom and spending time with her I even went to visit her without telling her but then the fights started I have to admit now I was blind defending her and she then would tell him lies about me and then more fights happened I had gotten tired of him telling me oh if you leave ill throw a party and have a different women everyday I’m not gonna cry he says so it got to the point that I got tired of him saying this and I became heartless I have to say I love this men with all my heart but hearing things like this made me so evil I didn’t feel anymore I was numb one day I just told him help me pack I’m leaving he actually cry he did on me he cry I couldn’t believe it but I left and he helped me leave the next day he did tell me to please dont leave that we have a family and that he dont want to brake the family but I had enough mind he wasn’t a bad men I hated that he came home and played baseball and watched baseball I have to say I was a bit immature because knowing now I would have stay and never broken our family because now a days I prefer a men to be in doors with me then out and about meaning I broke the family because I was tired but it was because there was too much going on my grandma dyed of cancer my mom driving me crazy and the bickering with him and feeling less got me I always told him I am so sorry I broke the family but I felt like people was just punching from left to right ask the time so I needed out but the truth is I needed out from the drama not my family everything was just confusing and I maid the wrong choice to leave and well I had to live with it but I thank god we have a son and we remain friends I say I will always love my white boy I then had to live with the choice I maid to leave I super like I never did but my ego didn’t let me let him know that I maid a mistake and that I wanted to come home sometimes we make decisions when we are upset and we dont think and they turn out to be thing that hurt us the most dont let this happen to you because you destroy something real of anger

Wednesday is pink day and empowerment day!

so today I worked out it was amaizing it felt good to work out I needed this also a friend of mines marla gave the empowerment talk today it was amaizing and it felt good to here her speech she is so real and honest and I love her she maid my hairs stand the talk today was about saying good morning to someone in the morning and to be positive and not judge anyone and to be mindful of the words you choose to say because by saying hey your slacking and it is your fault your not where you wanna be instead you say hey how you been notice you haven’t been here is everything okay this will make the person feel better and they might tell you what’s wrong with them where as the other saying would have maid the person feel bad and might never come back to the spot their are ways to talk to people and not offend them you get more when you speak the way you want them to speak to you think before you speak until next time

todays I cleaned my craft room and boy did I have fun!

I have to say I had a giant mess in the room even though the room is small I have a small desk where I knit and do my ladycraftsalot podcast and a section where I do my sparklebeautyplans youtube videos and I have a decent amount of space in my big desk for my planner things and more I love being in my craft room so much joy I had my shake and my tea and I felt powerful today and I also manage to make three youtube videos yes three I am surprised who am I but I did it a haul from the happy planner and a flip through of my half letter size planner and also did a ladycraftsalot83 podcast yes I did I had so much fun doing them I miss creating content for you guys in my youtube channel I have more to make this week I hope you check it out and if you have any suggestions on what videos you would like to see let me know in the comments below I also organize my planner items and my pens and pencil I also through out the old ones and old papers I shred plenty still have more to go but I decided to do a little each morning I wake up until its done and mean time I will knit and work on my planner and then some life is great guys like no stress and such a amazing life I live now and we are so relaxed at home proud mom of my kids and I enjoy every moment of them for sure and the hubby he is the best I love him so much so today was a very productive day I have to say super happy today I had like 6 things to do today and I did five so yeah hey I will join the work out today is pink day Wednesday and its pink day time to workout see you later I have pictures to post soon on the haul soon

Have you guys seen the new macbook air thats gonna be launch next year april or may of 2022 omg i am exited and the colors are amaizing now the question witch color will i get i fell in love with the purple and red witch one is your favorite

Organizing your pantry! This one of the many things i would like to tackle in my kitchen one because it looks good and two because you can see everything! How do you organize your pantry comment and let me know what techniques you use!

100 envelope savings challenge! Wao i have to say i started!

Basically what it is you go to the dollar tree and get 100 envelopes and you number them one through a hundred and what you do is day one you 1 dollar in it day two you put 2 dollars and so far when you finish putting the money in all the envelopes you count the money ive seen many open and count their envelopes on youtube and count their money and many have save 5,000 dollars and some less i notice a few people number their envelopes by 10 through 110 and many did it every time they got paid in a week meaning every week they would put and x amout in the the envelopes for that week and so on so basically what i am trying to say is this can be done even if your disable

Some people use this method to pay off their depts or to buy a new items weather is personal or for the home

I saw this going around on youtube and i decided to give it a go also i prefer the envelope that has the sticky part i personally dont like licking the envelope or i use tape and you cant open them thats the point also i am disable so it might take me longer then most of you but it is duable who else would like to try this method of saving money with me