have you ever wonder why some women think by having a child of a men will hold him down! well guess again people boy i have a story for you! keep reading!

here goes nothing!

here is jessica a wonderful women with her on her shoulder and strong and very outgoing women who never stops to get what she wants. she pays all her bills on time and she maintain her kids. theirs food on her table and clothes on her kids back as normal. the only problem is that while she and her men been together since highschool they have had a lot of problems being together. their was the time they had everything and they lived a wonderful life together. until the storm hit them. by then there was arguments and much more but their is no such thing as a perfect couple their will be arguments and dislikes and much more. while the honey moon was still on the relationship was goin well they had two kids and was the perfect family. until the hubby started cheating on her. yes you herd right he cheated and she cryed and she was so upset she wanted to leave him but she didnt. she figure he would change and do right by her. so after the storm he did stop cheating and they were good again. until she started having conversation with him as to what she was going through and she had made friends with this other guy. they became best friends and then he also spoke to her about his problems with his girl at the time. and as time flew by they had this amaizing friendship. her and her husband started communicating more and things seem to be goin good with them again. i soppose having these conversation with her friend was helping her. while things were going good with her and her friend and at home she grew confidence again and was on top of the world yes she was on top and ready for anything. but then again her men cheated again now she thought how could this be happening to me again i do everything this wants from me and more. ok she was devastated and she cryed and cryed. but by this time he wanted to leave her this time she was lost and trying anything to stay with him and make it work she really went through a lot she even let him go out and do him so that they can fix it she didnt want her kids to grow up without their parents being together so she did everything but the relationship was toxic by this time they both lost respect for eachother and the problems got worse and worse she did cry but she never show him she was hurt by this time she was stronger then she ever was prior but even thought they try things kept getting worse now they talk to each wrong and just didnt care who got hurt more like i will hurt you with words but anyways days past and they seem to be ok so we thought but then again he cheated on her with a close friend this time she was more upset because she never thought he would cheat with her close friend but he did and when she checked his phone yeah her gut was right messages and pictures he had send her friend even with his private part she was no angel eigher she to cheated but she loved him he was her everything and so they try to make it work once again but somehow he had gotten tired of her and didnt want to be with her he kind of felt disgusted by her so he broke up with her that was the hardest thing she ever had to go through but even thought he didnt want nothing to do with her she still try to get back with him the truth not even on family pictures he didnt want to be next to her this broke her heart and she still try to be with him for the sake of their son but one day they were both drunk and they tangle and gave it a try but he really didnt want nothing to do with her but this time she had gotten pregnant again i know what your thinking why the fuck would she have another kid by him if he was doing all of this to her but she got pregnant and they made it work and he gave the relationship another go because they have two kids and he love his so much and so they had a great few more years together but guess what they both cheated again but this time he cheated with a friend she left in her house because this friend needed a place to stay now mind this friend us to be at her house in a tshirt and panties and it was ok with them like what women in their right mind let her friend be in her house with her men there in a tshirt and panties common sense would tell you that is tempting even though her men shouldnt be looking to the side but it was there little did she know that her friend was interested in him yes you herd right and aparently he was to because he cheated with her and their goes the problems again jessica had move to pensilvania and was far from her family she didnt know anyone their but she figure living out there he would change well that didnt happened a few months later they broke up she told him that why are they together when they dont love each other and all they do is cheat and lie to each other but he then told her you are right then they told the truth about everything he had done and she also share her secrets to but it was to toxic the truth is she thouth that by moving to pensylvania he would change and give her all the time because she thought by having this baby he would change and wouldnt leave her but in the end having the baby was a blessing but the way she was thinking wasn’t a men is gonna do as he please when he pleases and so will the women but a child those not bring a couple together and a men wolnt be tide to a female because he has a kid with her i dont understand why women have this bad thinking oh if i give him a kid he wont go no where no that is not true because if he is not happy nothing you do will make him or her think different we know when we have to let go and we should even if it hurts us because in the end only the kids suffer and they dont deserve that life people should be mindful of their life and if its better to hurt yourself to let go and be happy then do so your not the first or the last one to go through this and it only makes you wiser for your next partner any who remember the friend jessica had well he to cheated on his girl with jessica and somehow they ended together now while his wife and two kids were going through it jessica did not care to get involved with him she also told him if he wanted to be with her he would have to brake up with his babymother and then they can be together now rumors say that jessica was the cause of their brake up what you think the truth is Jessica felt strong because this young men was tough and strong and his family is all about protecting each other and then some so she then had him move with her he is a nice guy by the way he is funny smart he plays the piano and he loves her kids but she though she could have a baby with him and make her kids fathers jailhouse and or mad by saying i have a men and now im good blah blah blah right but the truth the kids father did not care who she was with but she was all about my men is a real men he works blah blah blah and it went on like that for a while now she also had a kid with him to make his babymama feel bad because their she was having baby and she maid them brake up like if that’s something to be happy about but she continue on and on about it and so their goes that what do you think happened well Jessica and her new men ex wife started arguing and throwing things at each others through and it just goes to say that some people don’t change and believe a child holds a men the only thing i be live they get is another child in the mix that will suffer their parents consequences like lets be smart women and men lets do things right and make better decisions for our life a child never holds a men and life is hard already why make it any harder on each other what do you think about this story comment down below they still together ill keep you posted on the things i find out bye ya

hey everyone what a day today keep reading!

so good morning my beautiful friends from the interwebs i am happy to be here with you guys to give you an update on my day and the past week yeah a tough one for starters the workers that was gonna finish the hallway never show up so there is so much dust everywhere in the house because they plaster the hallway and took off the wood panel that was on the wall and plaster but never painted so yeah they even had the nerve to ask me for the rent anyways i told them until they don’t fix the house i wont be giving them the rent i have the money orders for the rent but it is so messed up they didn’t finished the hallway because me and my son suffers from asthma and bronchitis and they don’t care so we have been consuming this plaster for three weeks so that’s the first thing then I’ve been sick with allergies and asthma with this mess in the house i don’t know about ya but i am a bit ocede and i have to say at time’s i feel like i am gonna go crazy so i have been knitting like a mad lady so that i am buzzy and don’t think on the matter then my insurance was another problem if my primary doctor don’t send some papers to my doctor then i wont have my homecare so there goes that and it just been so much to bare lately even though this has happened i manage to get out the house and chill with my mom again boy i miss her so much and i also chill with my aunt puchy to it was nice seeing them ive been keeping myself in the house because the way my crib looks stresses me out a lot like you don’t understand i like to get up in the morning and make my shake and tea and watch YouTube or a show and i can even do that because they told me take the things out the girls room to work on their floor and their ceiling because it looks like it will eventually be lekking again so we did what we was told to take things out the girls room but they didn’t come back to that as well so I’ve been caved in my yarn room and or my bedroom and i miss the living room this is crazy then the hubby is working in catering again you know to make ends meat and i miss him so much their are time i want him to go out side and work but their are time i want him with me you the bipolar and skitzofrenic kicking in again yeah i have mood swing problems and i am very aggressive at times but no is not what you are thinking i don’t put my hands on my hubby never i love my king shark very much it even surprises me as well but yeah i also when with my cousin to the mall to shop for the nightmares’ before Christmas pajamas and we had no luck like a few weeks ago i saw the pajamas with her in the mall but this time i had no luck what so ever i really felt like crying but i kept it in and i manage to find a wallet of the night mare before Christmas and i was ok with that i couldn’t even find Harley quin items eighter it was sad then after that i saw two movies with my cousin and the day ended well she gifted me a Harley quin blanket with sleeves i was so happy then the hubby picked me up and we watch tv and i love my king shark if you don’t know that is the character in the new Harley quin movie suicide squad omg he looks like my hubby so cute omg i love him so much then i manage to go to a meet up with my knitting friends at string thigs studio and i had a great time with them i spend time with luois boria and cairo and other friends and it was a great day but now i am home and the house is still in thing annoying mess but if i put things back in the girls room and they come to fix i will be so mad you dont understand i like when things are where they belong this is crazy and yeah i also did my podcast on YouTube and a couple of videos on my sparklebeautyplans and i have been enjoying that as much like i said i have been keeping myself super buzzy i finish like 8 projects like i been on a role i also post a lot on my Instagram so check me out there as well and i love talking to you guys if you wanna chat comment down below and i like to answer everyone

how was your day or the last three week going for you?

Gossip on the train! was about two young ladies on how to talk to the kids

Was about two ladies having a conversation on how to talk to kids these days and how one state that she makes sure her point is herd when talking to her kid the other lady stated i like to compromise with my son so that we can have an amazing relationship to make things work mean while the other lady states thats not gonna work over here he has to do what i said because he lives in my rough and thats but the other lady stated but your son pay bills with you to so shouldnt things be equal and respectful but she says nope not in my house he can move out i raised him the way i was raised the other lady said but dont you think thats the reason why kids has rebel these days because some of us think is us who is being punish yet we may say and continue a pattern of our childhood as oppose to making a difference i believe that talking is better then atitude and using voger language because kids will up and leave and make the wrong decisions because we didnt take the opportunity to listen sometimes we need to out grow the pattern for a better success then here goes the lady well like i said if is not done my way then it aint happening ok so of the ladies go upon their business and the lady that was more stubborn take a breath as she walks out the train and says good luck with your kids bye so other lady says same to you sweety i will pray for you anywho now te lady is home and her son comes home late because he did a overtime and here goes miss i know it all and tells her son these are not the time for you to be home where the blip were you he says to his mom im tired can i please go to sleep and she says your not gonna go sleep in your room do to the fact that you think you can do as you please the sons says ma i had a rough time at work please not today oh no it was as if fire rise her spine and the reaction was to smack the life out of him he then yells ma are you crazy dont you ever hit me again i am 29 years old and i help you pay bills here why are you so evil anyways she then lost it beat him senceless and he then said alright you got it you got it ill leave this house this week i promise i cant continue being desrespected i help you im here for you my brothers and sisters dont want to see you because of this behavior of yours do you want to loose me to like is that what you want like im getting tired of this i am the adult your parent and you have to do as i say she says anyways her son just stared at her fine ill sleep in the living room she says as you should and went to her room on the other side of the block her cusin was listening to music and cooking for her son and happy and praying the usual for her then her son comes in and tells his mom i have to say something but i dont think your gonna be happy mom im sorry she sits down and turns off the music what happen baby i was playing basketbal with my friends and they through a backpack at me when the police came and they searched it and stated why you have drugs in your bag i said it wasnt my bookbag but the officer didnt believe me and took me to the pricent and well i have to see the judge on monday because they wanted me to snitch but i said i would never do this so she just stared and cry for a bit but she told her we are gonna fight this and make sure you dont get penilized with this matter dont stress i know your trying to go to college and this happened but we gonna clear this out you here we gonna get through ok you dont use drugs your system is clean so we will fix this

As you can see here one parent will or might loose her son for not asking why he came home late as the other parent use amazing comunications with her child and will overcome the problem but by supporting her son and by not being judgemental we forget that one time ago we to was young and we did many things we wasnt soppose to do

I finished my tegna by caitlyn hunter i luv this pattern also my first bottom up garment and it was amazing

This pattern to be bottom and for it to have about 300 stitches to start the lace i was a little scare but by putting stitch markers in between the repeats maid my life easy also the yarn i used was cascade herritage prints i cant remember the color but i love this yarn is my favoriteyarn to use fir hats i used the recomended needle size in the pattern although i did not complete the arm holes as she wrote it because it was kinda hard for me to do so i use a pattern from espace tricot the ombre tank and i follow the arm hole and i tweeked the tank part and i love it is so comfy to wear and and i love it what you guys think did i do a good job or no ?

So i have to say i am in love with the way it turned out and i want to knit all the garments there is so many and i cant wait to make more hmmmmm witch pattern you suggest me to make next #knitting #garments #knitwear2021kal

Hey everyone i know i havent had the time to write to you but here goes keep reading! what a couple of weeks ive had lord jesus!

So i was tired of giving complains to the landlord about certain problem my apartmen has and the fact that i have kids with special needs that can get sick do to the mold smell that comes from the kitchen and the bathroom and the fact that my girls can take out the wood from the hallwways and the nails as well is dangerouse but what was more dangerous to me was my kitchen the floor had these beautiful glass tiles but they werent the tiles for floor they were back splash tiles and they were all cracked in the floor and also the roof in my living room ceiling was leeking and it destoy my furniture it was a mess it turned out that not only were the tiles in the kitchen bad but what was under the tiles was a big moldy area in the center of the kitchen horrible smell i tell you to the point where you feel like throwing up and so they wouldnt come to fix anything three years past and nothing so ihad no choice but to call 311 and sure enough they came and the office got a lot of fines for the negligence of me and my kids well being so the next day they came from the office and stated that they gonna work in my apartment until they finished because the office had gotten a lot of fines and they had to have it done a certain amount of days so the guy that came tackle the kitchen by himself he broke the tiles and tare of the moldy wood that was in the wood under the tiles and he did the kitchen in like 4 days and he plaster everything and he put new plywood and new floor tiles witch to me is better then that mess that was on the floor he also brong white paint for the kitchen and the hubby paint the kitchen and i am so happy on how it looks i love it also the following day the guy that works came to pull out these weird panels that the whole hallway had on have of the wall to top it of panels in the bottom and popcorn on half of the wall horrible the guy did pull all the wood of the wall and plaster the whole hallway and he even worked extra hours to get it done that took him a whole week to get done he then file the hallway because of the plaster and then he finally stated that he will be here on monday to finish the hallway and pain it and put new tiles on the hallway floorsthe he said he will be working on my girls room on their ceiling because their is like a leak going on and to put new tiles as well all the tiles at my apartment were all cracked and destroy they he will be working on the bathroom witch is not much the glass tiles from the window has a hole they need to fixs and the shower curtain has to be a wall to put it straight the light fixture has to be changed and and mold in the window he has to get the right paint for that as well then he will tackle the living room witch is the ceiling and the tiles from the floor and in my bedroom is the tiles from the floor and paint also by the window where i have the air conditioner it seems to be cracking thats weird and scary then the last room is my yarn room now in my craft room the ceiling is gonna fall the tiles have to go and thats about it in this room and i havent been feeling at all good and everything is falling on me the kids school the glasses the bills hubby helps me a lot but while my insurance kick in he wont be able to be my homecare and he are trying but as long as we are all healthy and we back each other up thats all that matters also i have not paid my rent this month but i have the money order but until they dont fix everything here at the house i will not give them their money life is hard you guys but if tenants like me make sure the rent is paid on time every month the east they can do is fix the house like i tell them if you the problem their is no reason for me to be in the office complaining am i right just wanted to let ya know that i am here is just so much going on thank god for having such a wonderful hubby and son that helps me no matter what life is great have a beautiful bless day everyone

Omg did i mention i am obsessed with cloth and paper here is another haul from cloth and paper yes you herd right

Here i have the crystal clear half-letter size covers and some tombow duo markers and the two uni pens the uni pens are great for transparent sticky notes and they dont smudge truth is it dont smudge at all these tombow the colors are so pretty and these transparent square sticky notes i am obsessed and i have another haul cuming soon on monday from cloth and paper yeah if you havent check them out your missing out guys like i love their stationary items so minimal and you can use any stickers and color you want because it is black and white