so power hour is for those that wants to grow their business!

have you ever wonder I would like to be my own boss but don’t know where to start and your wondering where to start okay I have a question do you like helping people and have a passion doing so how about helping each other with a business that you set your own time andContinue reading “so power hour is for those that wants to grow their business!”

pink day! empowering day! for team beauty!

today is a day where we wear pink and is a call for empowering where a group of females talk about what they are going through and we share our goals or we might shed some tears we help each other with meeting our goals with weight loss weight gain being strong minded loving eachContinue reading “pink day! empowering day! for team beauty!”

In this picture you my coach denice giving the workout and you see me trying to do the workout with the red puffy hair in the back with grey sweats and blue shirt quarantine really messed my routine up but like i said if i dont like the way i look then i have to change it and thats why i am trying to not cheap and fall back into those habits again because my health is at stake here so time to keep up and make a difference