life and stories

when you get that call from a special person in your life!

so even though I’ve been feeling sick for the past days with the rain. I have been thinking about my sister a lot, I miss spending time with her and she is my other half. there are no secrets between us and she is just the right person to share my thoughts and we just are great together. anyways I’m sure you can obviously tell who called me today! right. yes I received a call from her that she will be visiting me from Boston this weekend and that she will surprised me. what a news that was! I cant wait, we have so much to talk about, and we need a drink for that as well. we also have plans to go to puertorico to meet our other sister Jenny with my dad. oh my god I know you know we exited. we have spoken in the Fone and in FaceTime and I cant wait. it looks like it will be a gift from Aby and dad to pay my way to go. I feel like a little girl, but the way life is hitting everyone now a days, we need to stick together and enjoy life. family first. I learn that sometimes we have to put our differences aside to become better person and enjoy life. with this pandemic I learn that we only live once and dont know when is our time to go so why waste it on meaningless grudges instead of enjoying each other. I know you understand me on this and you relate to this as well. how many of us hold grudges and after a few years we dont know why we was mad about! yeah you know is true! is not worth it if you cant fix it let it go. thats my johnra. life is precious to waste on stupidities. I cant wait to see my sister she means a lot to me. trust me, I wish my mom would’ve had more kids but is okay my dad had plenty like 23 of us yeah is a big family. I wish I knew them all but lets see what happens. god bless you all.


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