10 things you dont know about me?

1] I write poems

2] I can sing

3] I would like to write a book of my life

4] I am a bit insecure

5] I love to shop

6] I love to cook

7] I dont like no-one to use my soap, toothpaste or my towel

8] I enjoy my alone time

9] I luv my hubby but I hold back because I am afraid of getting hurt

10] I have four youtube accounts ladycraftsalot83 and beautyguru83 and sparklebeautyplans oh yeah and nellysprostylenails

let me know if there are any other question you want me to answer till the next one

If I won the lottery hhhhhmmmmm!

truth be told I would definitely help a foundation with kids and I would ensure to have a nice bank account for my kids for college and get them their own condo make sure to get myself a condo looking towards Manhathan because I’ve always wanted that view in the morning with a nice balcony to drink my coffee and tea and make a women group to help women with depression and to create fun trips to unwind with them a lot of women and men go through a lot of depression now a day and I would like to give back to the community I would also help the animals by providing lots of food and medications for them I would also help countries with food problems and clothing and shelter I would be honor to help others because while ill make sure my kids are wealthy ill make sure to help those in needs I would help immigrants and parents that need support and I would be present I would love to win the lotto because I would be so generous and I would also help the kids that need help with college it might seem to you as though I am bullshitting you I can measure I am not these are things I would do for real if I was to come along with some good cash I would also pay of all my depts of credit cards and student loans and live a much stress free life I’m sure we all have thought about this if I win the lottery a million things comes to mind I know that much but for the mean time I can only dream we all do what would you do if you win the lottery?

Here are my june 1 2021 challenge beginning picture and ill post the June 21 2021 after picture soon it helps to take pictures before the challenge because like that you have a before picture to compare to the end of the challenge and see your progress

so in this picture I am 160 pounds and is also good to take a picture in a solid background so that you can see perfect the picture so that when you take the after picture you can see the results I have to say everyones results are different never compare yourself to others or expect to have a drastic result fast everyones metabolism is different and it is better to set small goals so that you check them off little by little for me it was to no drink soda as much as I use to to more water and to rest more and to eat more healthy and to try to eat in the house more then outside eat more turkey and chicken and to stay away from red meats to cheat maybe ones a week but to not make it a habit to stay consistent and to workout yes if you want better results you need to eat healthy workout and lots of water trust me works little progress is better then not doing so dont expect to loose weight fast and your eating pizza like ten times in two weeks you have to set some changes to meat your goals you also have to be more positive try not to stress things you cant fix if you can fix it then do so but if you cant then let it go is not worth it listen to positive affirmations it works I listen to it as soon as I wake up and I wash my mouth and do my skin routine and make my breakfast while listening to affirmations in youtube also treat yourself If you lost two pounds make a bubble bath light some candles and listen to a book buy a new dress not for nothing I purchase a dress that is a small then the size I use to use to motivate me to work harder to fit in it and when you try it back on and it fit on but you might shed a few more pounds to fit better in it it pushes you to go for it to eat better and I dont eat sweet candy or junk food like that anymore I try my best to stay away from sodas sugars and fry foods as well the air fryer will be your best friend trust it taste like if you fried your meat and fries but better and much healthier no aded oils use salt and peppers and onion powder and garlic powder and paprika you’ll love the taste is really good adobo has a lot of salt in it it is not good for you also look at the labels when buying snacks look for the sugar the sodium in it and added sugars calories

How to deal with a spouse that snores!

I’ve try everything really! he sleeps to the side he diets he drinks a lot of water and the truth is I drink sleeping medication because I cant sleep through the snoring I try every time he turns to my side and tell him turn to the other side and is annoying when you constantly have to repeat yourself even it isn’t his fault he snores when he is sleeping is annoying because I am a light sleeper and if I dont get enough sleep I become irritated and very moody the next day so I tend to just leave the room and go to the living room because I just dont want to deal with it and also I can be very rude because I cant sleep but then he gets mad because I go to the living room the truth is I cant stand snoring it honestly irritates my ears because I notice I have sensitive ears and I dont want to hurt his feelings is not his fault he snores but it is annoying and once I am up I cant go back to sleep if I go to sleep at like 10 something usually I notice that while I am on my sleeping medication I sleep mostly till like 3 am because I guess thats when his snoring get more loud and then it is all gone wrong from there because I cant sleep this is so diffricult if you guys have any tips on how to deal with a snoring partner please let me know? I also am thinking about using ear plugs if anything to see if that works ill let you guys know this week if the ear plugs helps until next time

How do you measure your socks when knitting! Here is how i do it!

I grab a measuring tape and measure from the cuff down the leg to measure close to 6 inches and i start my heel then they both match when i knit the next one they will match i knit my socks cuff down because i learn this wAy i have knit three socks toeup but i prefer cuffdown i also knit them on a size 1 32 inch needle or dps size 1 ia also know to be a size 2.25mm i use sock yarn this yarn is from llama llama i believe is the name

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day here i have protein waffles and fruits a little bit of chocolate drysel and caramel wip cream and walla vitamins and minerals and super delicious what are you having for breakfast

did I do everything I stated I wanted to do!

as the day kept going I couldn’t clean my room sometimes I forget that a lot of things I want to do won’t happen do to my health conditions it sucks I felt so week and a bit lost today I know last night I went to sleep super late it was like 2 something in the morning when I took my sleeping pills to get up at 8 something in the morning yeah I even drunk coffee to see if I can get energy but I just couldn’t I hate when I feel like this but hey I cant change that at all so I receive two packages one was my planner press dashboard for my half letter size planner and a package from cloth and paper is a penspiration and boy was I so exited to get these I will post a picture of the items I got in my subscription and the planner press dashboards yes I have to say I love her work both of these ladies do amaizing jobs I love everything they create planner press is not something I recently purchased I had order a couple of planner dashboards from her but never open the package until recently and then I notice that three of the ten dashboards was not punch correctly and I wrote to her and it has been months since I purchase these and she so kindly answer my response so she stated that she is gonna send me them I also send her picture of the items I also told her I would buy them again if I had to and she said no that she will send me these soon I just didn’t know that soon meant pretty soon and I am so happy I got them and cloth and paper never disappoints me ever I love it and I was able to make an open box on both of these items hope you check my planner youtube video sparcklebeautyplans I also cooked today and the food is good I made steak with onions and garlic and rice and beans yeah everyone love the food so thank god I did great this made me happy that I can at least make something and make my family happy they love my food

good morning such a beautiful day outside today!today I will tackle my bedroom and get it clean!

it feels good to go outside and get a ice coffee and sit in Starbucks and just relax and set your planner down and plan your day and relax also sitting in the park to chill is so nice again. today I will be planning what I will be doing at home witch is my bedroom is time to switch it around and sweep and mop and organized it better I cant wait till the hubby and I build our own closets and paint it and put wheels so that we can move it around because I dont know about you guys but I get tired of certain furniture in one place for to long I like to change things up a lot I am also gonna buy a headboard for my metal bed frame I have the 19 inch hight one and I have some bins for extra storage under the bed oh yeah did I mention you dont need a box screen yeah much better I have a authopidic mattress and it works just fine I also saw in amazon a bed skirt that covers the bottom of the bed so that the containers dont show I cant wait to get a few colors I also notice I dont like bizzy patterns on my bed because I dont know it just bothers me I want solid colors quilts and light pattern sheets and get extra pillow covers because I have six pillows in my bed yes I know to many but I have neck pain all the time and I haven’t found the one that works for me so yeah still looking if you have any recomendations let me know so now that I have everything written in planner of things to do at home I can relax blog and prepare my mind mentally to do the task for today I have this thing where I need to be told a few days before what we gonna do you just cant come and say we leaving right now to do I dont whatever because ill be moody it makes me laugh but is true I like to plan ahead certain things to be prepared also I will be making for lunch for the kids hotdogs and for dinner I will be making white rice and steak with onions is gonna be good I cant wait I love to cook and I am so happy I also have a lot to do in my room but I am prepared for it I have to move the furniture out of the room to organize it and deep clean as well I am ready I will post pictures of my before and after sorry I forgot to post the before picture of the living room so I will post a picture today of how it looks now and I hope you enjoy it is not perfect to my eyes yet but soon I will buy a few things I need to make it perfect and I also have to get a few items for my room as well and the kitchen a few items for the bathroom I will get some items from Ikea and some from amazon I will post pictures of the items when I get them and let you know I will use them later on I will be writing to you guys again what are you doing today I will start cleaning at 12:30 I will now go home watch my show pretty little liars for a bitt and make some hotdogs for the girls and yeah wish me luck music will be blasting while I clean trust me I cant clean without that I love music ill even do laundry

If you want to know what a day I had today! then keep reading!

so in the morning the hubby went to work

the kids gave them cereal

I even ate cereal

then I put hbomax and put pretty little liars I love this show

then I decided to wash the white clothes

after that I decided to change the living room and dust and sweep and listen to music

I also made a list of the things I wanted to do in the day

I do use a planner half letter size and a happy planner classic planner as well

then I cooked with the hubby and watching tv we watch chi is a show very good one to

then everyone ate dinner

I also was reading two books fifty shades darker and her vol 2 I love these two

girls shower ate a snack drunk milk

then the hubby went to bed

then I decided to soak off my nails yea at this time but now I am done and I wanted to share with you guys now I am going to shower and go to bed I also watch youtube

I love my family tomorrow I will be tackling my bedroom and maybe my craft room we will see and wash clothes

thank you so much for reading my blogs and check out my youtube channel

I’ve been doing my nails since I was 14 years old on and off now!

I have to say I love having my nails done because I like when my hands looks so nice like nails make my hands look so classy and cute I’ve done all sorts of decorations and more a lot of colors shapes and sizes and today I have a nail tech diploma and I do nails for fun also I do my own nails but I swear till this very day I hate to soak off nails like I dred it till this day I was soaking my nails for like 30 minutes like oh my god why it takes so much time to get off I laugh at this all the time because is the only process I hate about doing nails to soak off the nails I have to say ever since I’ve been doing my own nails I don’t spend 100 or more in my nails but today I decided to take them off and let my fingers breath because is summer and I want to enjoy my kids play ball with them and do other fun things with them I have to say I do my nails super cute also I usually say ill let my fingers breath but then in like two or three days I end up putting them back on so lets see what happens I might do them short when I decide to do them again I also have a biting habit and scratching habit in my head when I dont have my nails so thats why I actually keep them on because I tend to bite my fingers is a nerve thing and I pick on my head I do have psoriasis and yeah that sucks but I am happy to say that in my body it is gone but it is lingering in my head but I will keep my hands dizzy to not pick on my head or bite my fingers and lets see I hope you guys enjoy all the content I put here for you I have a little bit of everything because I want this to be my catch all and also where I vent with you guys and dont be afraid to ask me any questions enjoy and have a bless night till tomorrow

I started these socks on my son rehersal graduation and i already started the second one in the graduation the shirt i cant wait to use it amazing i am getting good at this what you guys think what other things would you like to see

life is full of surprises! have you ever wonder where those your money goes in the month? shit I do!

I got a message from chase that someone try to do a two dollar order on amazon if I did the order or not was the text I got from chase I said no so they gonna send me another card because it was weird to them thats a good thing then I notice that planet fitness been charging me two times a month for workouts and I haven’t been going and I had cancel the subscription any who we have to stay in track and check our account daily because you never know what is goin on I advice you to have a bill tracker to stay in track of your bills and do right if something is wrong report it because is your money on the line and sometimes we know how much we should have in the account but when you try to use your card and the money that is suppose to be in the card is not there we forget to check why and we have to check their is too much identity dept goin on please check your account and make sure everything is correct

what a day today I took the day to move furniture and clean the living room and wash clothes because I set up a scheduled for cleaning I have Mondays to Clean the craft room and laundry but I wasn’t able to because my son graduated but today I clean and dust the living room and I change the curtains and dust everywhere I like the way the living room looks now I love moving furniture around and trying new things any who I am doing laundry and I also did watch pretty little liars I love this show is so catchy I enjoy it so much and while doing laundry and I have to read a book to today hubby is working I love when he works outside because then I can clean and do things in the house and put music and it makes me feel like I am able to do things because I am disable so I do the best I can and I enjoy it very much how are you spending your day so far