Just got this new keyboard and mouse from amazon it is the wireless fd for laptops and computers tablet and more

In this picture i have my old keyboard and mouse with wires and yeah is hp

Now here is this $27.99 wireless keyboard and mouse white and pink witch to me is gorgs and compact i have to say i luv it and is light weight i recommend this to anyone

16 year old shoots his friend for a pair of Jordans sneakers Air Force 1!

I cant believe he killed his friend for sneakers what is going on with these kids now a day over some sneakers a life was taken and they were friends it brakes my heart see such stories come up in the news this beyond crazy I figure by now all this killing would stop I put his friend in my prayers and to the mother of this criminal child I cant even imagine how heart broken she is and the disappointment and the news on her on the matter as a mother myself I couldn’t imagine how she feel but at this point I would be embarrassed to be outside and to be single as the mother of the child that killed a child for a pair of sneakers I feel really bad for her prayers to her as well people should stick together and support each other and just hard to manage this situation what do you guys think about this new?

HBOMAX has been my savior through out this pandemic!

I have been watching movies and tv shows like crazy I have to say it has been entertaining for me I watch my shows while the hubby goes to work and when he is home and we are eating dinner we watch movies also it is great that some theater movies pops up in hbomax because we make popcorn and have a drink and just relax we also watch movies with the kids as well it has been such fun to do this last night we was watching Aquaman it is such an amazing movie the action the colors the graphic I love it plus the story is great and we had popcorn and drinks and we all enjoy the movie and we even chat about the movie after what we liked and what we didn’t like witch wasn’t the case here this movie is a dream and did I mention how sexy is aqua man like just saying he is a treat also his mom is so cute and the princess that fell in love with him is so pretty love her red hair so much and it was amazing I wonder what movie we will watch tonight any suggestion on movies or shows to watch here I know I told you guys that I am binge watching Pretty Little Liars I love this show

I am reading 50 Shades Darker by E L James

oh my god! this book has me not wanting to stop reading it I keep saying one more page one more page and so yeah more pages change and it keeps me so intrigue I did see the movie but the book is another thing is like I live it all over again and I use myself and my hubby as the characters in the book I have to say I love everything in this book how vivid it is in my mind and I enjoy the story I just wish the author creates another book and movies with his stories is amazing I like how shy she is but how daring she is how he just looks at her and her insides goes crazy yeah it is amaizing how he demands something and she allows certain things is just so astonishing how his child hood had a lot to do with how he is how this lady change his life and had him do the things he those to his girlfriend and how she helped him get suet being touched and loved how he slowly begins to want more of her and how daring he is as to how he wants it and how he needs it is just so nice in my eyes I don’t know I just like all of it in this movie and I enjoy the movie it was so intrigue I haven’t finished this book yet because I am enjoying it to the max I even bought it in audio yes to hear someone read it to me while I knit because it is a great way to multitask and I enjoy so much I will get back to you when I start reading the other book the last one have you ever felt like this with someone have you fallen in love with someone without knowing it happened well I did and I had no intentions of being in a relationship and now I am in one and I love every moment of it life works in mysterious ways and things happened when you least expect them to but I feel is better that way because you think to much you just let it play itself and things fall into place hope you enjoy this and let me know your experiences and if this happened to you before

have you ever wonder where your money goes? do you feel like your not spending right or just lost some times!

this weekend I had $800.00 and I went to the friends house for the weekend and hubby and I agree to save $500.00 and to spend $300.00 that was our budget but it turned out hubby got carried away and purchased three bottles of alcohol and then some when we went home I ask him about the $500.00 and he stated that we dont have that amount so is annoying that we spend more then we planned like I had stated only$300.00 I even suggested for him to give my son the $500.00 but no I got it and look I hate that I had plans and he just whatever any who I just know the next time I will hold my money and do what I do because he is with my cuzins hubby he forget certain things have to be done right we did enjoy our self but I wanted to be more wise for the month I am not doing this ever again I have to start doing things right for me because I have kids and they need their mom to be on point I can’t say he is an ass but we should’ve manage right I had plans with that money like he knew this omg what I am trying to say is I will manage my money myself next time because I will be on point and I stick to my plans life is hard we cant be spending money like we got it when we dont have it we need to make better decisions like manage money better and safe money we have to make better choices life is not getting better but we can make it better maybe spending less and not spending on certain things we dont need anymore yeah so this is what happened to me has this ever happened to you? and what do you do different now?

Have you ever wonder how would it be to just up and leave and start fresh!

This was a good weekend and the cookout wwas great is nice to step out of your comfort zone and do something different in life pretty soon i want to live somewhere else like texas or florida just to do different things and because i would like to live in a warm area and not use to many clothes and coats and then some have you ever wanted to do something other then the usual to just start fresh and live a little well guess what we are planning on moving to jersey to start fresh and have a better life style i also cant wait to go to the beach all the time and just enjoy my kids more my on will be out soon so that sucks but is a great thing for him i am so proud of him you know what is summer all the time like yessssss i wouldnt live in puertorico but i willmove to florida hell yeah

What a weekend i had in Pennsylvania! I will tell you all about it! Let me know how was your weekend?

I actually had so much fun at my cuzin house and her busband and kids we had so much laugh we went shopping and we ate out we cooked together and we party had a couple of drinks here and there my son was with us and he enjoy himself a lot to he ate a lot and he relax he also went for a walk and enjoy himself life is better for us we all do for each other and we stick to eachother i have to say i needed this vacation i needed to be out and about i have been cooped up in my house all this time and it was getting to me depressingand thinking stupidity and i just felt like i was gonna go crazy being with friends and family is the best we need to be together and let go of the past and i had such a great time i would do it again but i need to not eat bad and eat right because eating not healthy has my stomach fucked up and drinking no bueno for me because i have been eating healthy all this time that eating the way i did has me fucked up but i will get back i to my shit and start my diet and do right again so yeah but i enjoy myself we might go to the lake today lets see ill let you know if we do Goodmorning

These plates from ikea is so nice and for 79 cents even beter i love them the food looks amaizing i luv going to ikea is the best place to shop in my opinion for the house prices are just right and everything is great quality

I will be heading to Pensilvania with my cuzzing this weekend 4th of July cookout and the lake

I definitely needed this weekend out and about I am so happy we doing this and we gonna have fun she has a pool trampling and is nice out there ill take pictures and post it while I’m there with my Fone I might even do a blog on youtube till later when I post the video or picture later