How about a chocolate cake! Or maybe a cage!

Yes it sounds crazy right i am sure you will choose chocolate cake right the cage seems weird im sure it is when you eat your heart out and anxiety kicks in you seem to be cage with these weird thoughts that dont leave you alone and this awful feeling in your gut that keeps scared and wanting more chocolate cake then later on you realize that your tired of chocolate and you want something else some type of exitement or freedom but your anxieties dont leave you alone being trap in your negative thoughts can really tramatized you for life if you see the light in the end of the tunnel the cage is hard to open if you dont fight but what happens when you cant fight you stay stuck and it dark there will be the time that the cage is annoying and you want to brake free you wont want to to eat chocolate cake and you break free and once and for all you notice that what you thought cage you was just a fear and your mind playing games on you now you look at life different and you and the air you breath is all you want to travel and meet new people and stay away from negativities to be better and to never fall in that trap nomore

My sister came from boston to surpise me and with my nephews oh my god i was so happy and so much tears came in i missed her so much and i thank god so much for having sisters from another mother you know being that my mom didnt want nomore kids because at times i become lonely and you need to talk to someone about certain things in your life other then your spouse having someone else is a great feeling someone you trust of couse girl talk i was so happy this weekend great life and of course my dad ya know thats my life he is the best

How many of you guys keep close in the closet you hope to fit again one day!

Well i am guilty of this i had lost a lot of weight before the pandemic and i was stress eating so it just happened that i cant lose the weight i gain do to the pandemic and even though i am working out and eating healthy is hard to loose the weight like i am hoping to loose the weight but i believe i wont be able to loose it and you acumulate items that no longer fit you and it stresses you because you love these clothes and they no longer fit so we tend to clutter ourself with items we dont need like shirts panties and other items we really wouldnt use anymore

For instance i just realize i no longer want colorful panties nor braws like i want more of a neutral color under clothes and i notice certain shirts arent for me no more also i want to dress more mom ish way what i am trying to say is i want to change my wardrobe i like confy and cute outfits i want neutrals and a pop of colors in my wardrobe i also dont want to have a thousand panties or braws or socks i notice lately i gravitate to my white socks more then my colorful socks i do knit socks and in many colors but i guess ill wear those for the house instead or with my winter boots i like booties and sandals now and dressy outfits and i like my sweats and i want to dress more mystyle and not purchased items for fun then funcional also i want pieces that i can mix together with other pieces but more me and what i want to wear now

I dont know if has to do with my weight but i want to dress for pleasure and i want to be able to wear my booties and sneakers with multi funcional pieces and thats where i am heading with this blog right now

Sometimes we go in a store with no intention and just to brows and our eyes goes crazy and we pick items that caches our eyes but later on in the year you never wore so is time to purchased things your gonna wear and be mindful when you grab a shirt because it draws your attention think do i have other items that i can wear with this piece will i wear it do i need it this is important for us so that we dont spend money on things we dont need if you have any ideas on this matter please let me know in the comment section i would love to read what you buy and how you put items together

Have you ever felt sluggish! Like your down for no reason and you dont want to do nothing! Well let me tell you this

I woke up feeling a bit down but after i got the call from my sister i felt a bit better. Later on the day i was feeling like i dont want to do nothing like the day was dragging and so i decided to put music and get ready to go to the spot and workout yes you herd right i got ready and went to workout with my coach and as soon as i got there seeing all the ladies and my coach i felt a little better and we laugh and then we got down to business yes the workout was intence and we maid it through then we did a tictoc for fun and we had fun and enjoy ourself i feel like working out makes me feel energise and happy so sometimes you just have to push yourself to do things when your mind tells you no because by me seeing the girls and working out i felt alive again and i am so happy even though i have pain and the weather hasnt been on my side i made it through and i have to continue pushing through but all im saying if you feel like this go for a walk visit someone that brings you joy and you will see the difference i promise it will make you feel so much better and alive i am so happy i push myself to do so

Are you a list person or a person who has full details in planning a person who color codes or notebook person what are your favorite items to use

As for i like a calender and to put appoitments and special occasions and birthdays because thats the first thing i see in my planner i also color code if i have a appointment i use a purple highlighter for my twin pink for my son blue and light blue to hubby green for bills and yellow for birthdays or anniversary i do use stickers and color pens sometime i love to use the le pen in black and the mildliners highlighters like these are my favorite i also like mildliners because theydont bleed through my paper and i use different colors for certain things and yeah i love planners thats how i stay in track with my tasks and todos and bills and more i even have a color calendar for my twins yes you herd right if theey behave great in the morning they get a purple green yellow and red yeah so in the morning they get a color and in the evening another meaning if they did bad and had a red in the morning they can make it up the evening and earn a green and it they do they be able to pick a snack they want and if they didnt then they didnt earn it but it works and we get to do something different in the week like park to get wet pool or we go shopping this way they stay motivated but trust me it dont work out all the time but we try to make it fun for them if you color code let me know how you use the colors i will post a picture this week on my mildliners i label the colors with certain things bills green blue jj and hubby and pink girls purple me and so far ill post another video on my youtube on showing whats in my planner and how i use it hope you enjoy this

all this ignorance of racism has to stop!

I dont understand why their are people being so rude to African Americans I hate hearing stories like my friend was buying gift cards from rite aid and she always buy $500.00 in gift cards to gift to people and mind you she those this every month because she is so kind and like to give to the community and because she is such a sweet heart she is also a knitter so she always goes to the same place to get the gift card and this person had the nerves. to ask her if she is harmed or is someone forcing her to get gift cards and she explain why would she be in harm she those this every month and so she explain herself and the guy was so rude talking about policies and called young lady like who the hell is he to talk to her like this it was offending her like this guy was so rude so she ask to talk to the manager politely and he just gave her the run around also but he charged her but had the nerves to question her in such bad manners and their was another lady that knows that she comes every month to get gift cards and she didn’t say anything to this guy or interfere and that was wrong she knew that gg always comes every month for the same thing it just upset me when they treat others wrong I have to say to me in my opinion we all all the same just different colors shape and languages I hate when ignorance happened by now everyone should respect each other is always blacks this blacks that I hate when they specify on color or race like if you are puertorican you are a criminal or a spic like this should stop things like this upset me a lot because Martin Luther king died for equal peace and for freedom of speech like stop the hate and the signaling people we have names use it if not dont put names on people because is wrong I believe in equal rights I know some of you are saying oh I dont understand yes I do I hate this immature bullshit that goes around we need to love each other and stop this madness because it causes pain and hate in this world and we are all one I’m sorry that my friend had to go through this is so upsetting no-one should be question as to why they buy or whatever with their money it is sad I hate the fact that African Americans and Spanish people are always watch when going to stores or judge like dame let people live and when they assume that you dont have the money to buy certain item like stop it this is crazy you figure by now people would stop doing this like what the hell wrong with people I’m just so upset about this sorry ya just had to vent with ya because this has to stop!

when you get that call from a special person in your life!

so even though I’ve been feeling sick for the past days with the rain. I have been thinking about my sister a lot, I miss spending time with her and she is my other half. there are no secrets between us and she is just the right person to share my thoughts and we just are great together. anyways I’m sure you can obviously tell who called me today! right. yes I received a call from her that she will be visiting me from Boston this weekend and that she will surprised me. what a news that was! I cant wait, we have so much to talk about, and we need a drink for that as well. we also have plans to go to puertorico to meet our other sister Jenny with my dad. oh my god I know you know we exited. we have spoken in the Fone and in FaceTime and I cant wait. it looks like it will be a gift from Aby and dad to pay my way to go. I feel like a little girl, but the way life is hitting everyone now a days, we need to stick together and enjoy life. family first. I learn that sometimes we have to put our differences aside to become better person and enjoy life. with this pandemic I learn that we only live once and dont know when is our time to go so why waste it on meaningless grudges instead of enjoying each other. I know you understand me on this and you relate to this as well. how many of us hold grudges and after a few years we dont know why we was mad about! yeah you know is true! is not worth it if you cant fix it let it go. thats my johnra. life is precious to waste on stupidities. I cant wait to see my sister she means a lot to me. trust me, I wish my mom would’ve had more kids but is okay my dad had plenty like 23 of us yeah is a big family. I wish I knew them all but lets see what happens. god bless you all.

A day in my life when fibermyalgia and lupus and artritis kicks in and all your plans goes to the rabbit hole!

Meaning because of the rain and all these health problems when it rains everythig is ruined yesterday i had plans to wash clothes and to cook food for the hubby and so it didnt get done on top of that i got my injections for my psoriasis and so there goes my day the only thing i was able to do was take my girls braids off and even doing that my hands were swollen but it had to be done i had plans to continue shredding old documents to eliminate bulk and unesesarry papers and also because i want to minimize things around the house i did get a giant box from ikea and i manange t eliminate the box and put the items purchase on the counter to clean later and put away but i couldnt i was not feeling right lots of pain in my joints and and my hands feet were so swollen it even hurt to put sneakers on yeah that bad but i thank god i am alive and that my family is good and we live another day to tell the new stories how was your day yesterday!

good morning good morning! if you want to know what I am doing keep reading!

I am having such a relax day after drinking my meds last night today I feel week and super tired and so I am just resting and watching my show today while I mess with my planners and watch my favorite show pretty little liars and I got a package from Ikea a massive package and I am so exited to throw away all the old plates and cups and mugs and bowls away for the new ones this is so cute but my meds are strong I still feel super tired or mellow I hate this feeling but I am trying to stay active here and well I love chatting with you guys also I received my pink tights yesterday super cute they are so sex c I will try to wash clothes and cook in a bit I want to knit but I dont think I can today feeling to tired today how is your day going so far I even paid bills and I found my life insurance money order when you think you put something in one place but it appears somewhere else its funny but I had a cup of milk and cookies and wallaby’s I’m calm