If you want results you have to disipline yourself and eating right exercising and make it happened from 166.5 to 159.4 my goal is 135 or 140 lets see who would like to joing me on my journey and more

Sunday rainy day! Blah! should i workout? Hmm discipline……..

So today i woke up in pain and this rain like oh my god i have so much pain and to top it off my coach sends me a message hey girl good morning workout at 10 am today i was debating on weather or not to do it i did drink my shake butContinue reading “Sunday rainy day! Blah! should i workout? Hmm discipline……..”

Here is my results for this months 21 day challenge we are having another 21 day challenge let me know if you wanna join us i 10 soots available if you wanna make a change i suggest you take care of yourself in order to gain that self esteem again and glow because we all beautiful

Here you are looking at my breakfast and dinner and snack and tea this these are the products i use to loose weight to maintain and keep me away from temptation oh yeah and my rebuild is for when you workout it restores you body from the workout and it taste amaizing i luv the chocolate flavor but some strawberries and the vanilla but i personally dont like the vanilla never tried the strawberry one but i will also you have to trust the process if decide to join me i will be able to provide you with empowerment zoom meetings and workouts and meal chats where a lot of us oost our meals and you can get ideas on different snacks and meals to create i also provide pdf on items you can purchased in your grocery store and a list of fruits that has or contains sugar that you wouldnt think it those and it those so let me know if you’re interested in joining me i can host the workouts if you like as a group

In this picture you my coach denice giving the workout and you see me trying to do the workout with the red puffy hair in the back with grey sweats and blue shirt quarantine really messed my routine up but like i said if i dont like the way i look then i have to change it and thats why i am trying to not cheap and fall back into those habits again because my health is at stake here so time to keep up and make a difference

These are some of the meals i have in a day just remember if you eat pork to eat it earlier in the day and not at 6pm or later because is hard to brake that meat into your stomach eat it when your most bizzy like 12 -3pm no later