Are you a list person or a person who has full details in planning a person who color codes or notebook person what are your favorite items to use

As for i like a calender and to put appoitments and special occasions and birthdays because thats the first thing i see in my planner i also color code if i have a appointment i use a purple highlighter for my twin pink for my son blue and light blue to hubby green for bills and yellow for birthdays or anniversary i do use stickers and color pens sometime i love to use the le pen in black and the mildliners highlighters like these are my favorite i also like mildliners because theydont bleed through my paper and i use different colors for certain things and yeah i love planners thats how i stay in track with my tasks and todos and bills and more i even have a color calendar for my twins yes you herd right if theey behave great in the morning they get a purple green yellow and red yeah so in the morning they get a color and in the evening another meaning if they did bad and had a red in the morning they can make it up the evening and earn a green and it they do they be able to pick a snack they want and if they didnt then they didnt earn it but it works and we get to do something different in the week like park to get wet pool or we go shopping this way they stay motivated but trust me it dont work out all the time but we try to make it fun for them if you color code let me know how you use the colors i will post a picture this week on my mildliners i label the colors with certain things bills green blue jj and hubby and pink girls purple me and so far ill post another video on my youtube on showing whats in my planner and how i use it hope you enjoy this