My sister came from boston to surpise me and with my nephews oh my god i was so happy and so much tears came in i missed her so much and i thank god so much for having sisters from another mother you know being that my mom didnt want nomore kids because at times i become lonely and you need to talk to someone about certain things in your life other then your spouse having someone else is a great feeling someone you trust of couse girl talk i was so happy this weekend great life and of course my dad ya know thats my life he is the best

today is an amazing day my son graduated high school it is such an amazing day I am so proud of him he did it another accomplishment from my son and for me and his dad hard work pays off and he is soon to be studying for the Asvad test soon join the navy omg his future is bright and life is greatly girls graduated from 5th grade as well so yeah super exited day omg it feels good to see them accomplished each goal at at time

My dad is my best friend my life my heart my back bone my worrld so is my son he is my everything my miracle baby i luv him so much and of course in order to feel good about yourself you need to love yourself to be able to see clear and everything becomes bright and beautiful

My three kids graduates this year the girls from fifth grade im so proud of them and my son graduates from highschool this year omg i am so proud of him he has overcome lots of obstacles and storms but he did it i am so proud of him they all make me so proud the best day ever girls are going to middle school 2021 what a challenge of a year but what an amazing family we have

So the hubby and i went for walk to the pier and we had dinner there and we chat and laugh and i luv this men he makes me happy he completes me he really make sure i am okay and we work together as a couple should

Here is princess she is so small she climbs on top of the sofa head and lays there she is so cute she is a toy yorkie terrier she brings me joy she brings a smile in my face when i am down or not such a demanding dog they demand attention but they are so lovable oh yeah and she sleeps with me and the hubby

Today is a great day everyone god has giving us another day of life and beauty what more can we want!

I woke up sleepy and with no energy to do anything but as soon as i stretch out and said thank you god for a new day for all your blessings and god bless my kids and family and hubby and my kids i went to the bathroom feeling grrrr but i put some TylerContinue reading “Today is a great day everyone god has giving us another day of life and beauty what more can we want!”

Today is a bad day for me! My twin ashley!

Since this morning she has been difficult her behavior is intence sometimes and sometimes is hard to sistract her with something if she has a red morning she forgets that she can bring it back to a green or purple so it goes crazy she hits herself and she screams a lot and their isContinue reading “Today is a bad day for me! My twin ashley!”