hey everyone what a day today keep reading!

so good morning my beautiful friends from the interwebs i am happy to be here with you guys to give you an update on my day and the past week yeah a tough one for starters the workers that was gonna finish the hallway never show up so there is so much dust everywhere in the house because they plaster the hallway and took off the wood panel that was on the wall and plaster but never painted so yeah they even had the nerve to ask me for the rent anyways i told them until they don’t fix the house i wont be giving them the rent i have the money orders for the rent but it is so messed up they didn’t finished the hallway because me and my son suffers from asthma and bronchitis and they don’t care so we have been consuming this plaster for three weeks so that’s the first thing then I’ve been sick with allergies and asthma with this mess in the house i don’t know about ya but i am a bit ocede and i have to say at time’s i feel like i am gonna go crazy so i have been knitting like a mad lady so that i am buzzy and don’t think on the matter then my insurance was another problem if my primary doctor don’t send some papers to my doctor then i wont have my homecare so there goes that and it just been so much to bare lately even though this has happened i manage to get out the house and chill with my mom again boy i miss her so much and i also chill with my aunt puchy to it was nice seeing them ive been keeping myself in the house because the way my crib looks stresses me out a lot like you don’t understand i like to get up in the morning and make my shake and tea and watch YouTube or a show and i can even do that because they told me take the things out the girls room to work on their floor and their ceiling because it looks like it will eventually be lekking again so we did what we was told to take things out the girls room but they didn’t come back to that as well so I’ve been caved in my yarn room and or my bedroom and i miss the living room this is crazy then the hubby is working in catering again you know to make ends meat and i miss him so much their are time i want him to go out side and work but their are time i want him with me you the bipolar and skitzofrenic kicking in again yeah i have mood swing problems and i am very aggressive at times but no is not what you are thinking i don’t put my hands on my hubby never i love my king shark very much it even surprises me as well but yeah i also when with my cousin to the mall to shop for the nightmares’ before Christmas pajamas and we had no luck like a few weeks ago i saw the pajamas with her in the mall but this time i had no luck what so ever i really felt like crying but i kept it in and i manage to find a wallet of the night mare before Christmas and i was ok with that i couldn’t even find Harley quin items eighter it was sad then after that i saw two movies with my cousin and the day ended well she gifted me a Harley quin blanket with sleeves i was so happy then the hubby picked me up and we watch tv and i love my king shark if you don’t know that is the character in the new Harley quin movie suicide squad omg he looks like my hubby so cute omg i love him so much then i manage to go to a meet up with my knitting friends at string thigs studio and i had a great time with them i spend time with luois boria and cairo and other friends and it was a great day but now i am home and the house is still in thing annoying mess but if i put things back in the girls room and they come to fix i will be so mad you dont understand i like when things are where they belong this is crazy and yeah i also did my podcast on YouTube and a couple of videos on my sparklebeautyplans and i have been enjoying that as much like i said i have been keeping myself super buzzy i finish like 8 projects like i been on a role i also post a lot on my Instagram so check me out there as well and i love talking to you guys if you wanna chat comment down below and i like to answer everyone

how was your day or the last three week going for you?

Published by ladycraftsalot83

Hey everyone my name is Nereida and I am happy to be here and I will post pictures of my knitting or crochet and anything crafting. I will also post like any adventures I get into as well as planner things. I also luv to read and listen to music and I haven't pain but that's on my list boy ya this is going to be a kook adventure I can't wait to start. I a mother of a 15 years old son name yavan and I also have a set of twin girls Ashley and Ariana they are 7 years old. I luv my kids they mean the world to me and they complete me in every way. I also have a knitting podcast name ladycraftsalot83 podcast https://youtu.be/-mjRefGSMi4 here is my link for Herbalife team beauty https://nereidadelgado.goherbalife.com/Catalog/Home/Index/en-us

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