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How many of you guys keep close in the closet you hope to fit again one day!

Well i am guilty of this i had lost a lot of weight before the pandemic and i was stress eating so it just happened that i cant lose the weight i gain do to the pandemic and even though i am working out and eating healthy is hard to loose the weight like i am hoping to loose the weight but i believe i wont be able to loose it and you acumulate items that no longer fit you and it stresses you because you love these clothes and they no longer fit so we tend to clutter ourself with items we dont need like shirts panties and other items we really wouldnt use anymore

For instance i just realize i no longer want colorful panties nor braws like i want more of a neutral color under clothes and i notice certain shirts arent for me no more also i want to dress more mom ish way what i am trying to say is i want to change my wardrobe i like confy and cute outfits i want neutrals and a pop of colors in my wardrobe i also dont want to have a thousand panties or braws or socks i notice lately i gravitate to my white socks more then my colorful socks i do knit socks and in many colors but i guess ill wear those for the house instead or with my winter boots i like booties and sandals now and dressy outfits and i like my sweats and i want to dress more mystyle and not purchased items for fun then funcional also i want pieces that i can mix together with other pieces but more me and what i want to wear now

I dont know if has to do with my weight but i want to dress for pleasure and i want to be able to wear my booties and sneakers with multi funcional pieces and thats where i am heading with this blog right now

Sometimes we go in a store with no intention and just to brows and our eyes goes crazy and we pick items that caches our eyes but later on in the year you never wore so is time to purchased things your gonna wear and be mindful when you grab a shirt because it draws your attention think do i have other items that i can wear with this piece will i wear it do i need it this is important for us so that we dont spend money on things we dont need if you have any ideas on this matter please let me know in the comment section i would love to read what you buy and how you put items together


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