life and stories

Have you ever felt sluggish! Like your down for no reason and you dont want to do nothing! Well let me tell you this

I woke up feeling a bit down but after i got the call from my sister i felt a bit better. Later on the day i was feeling like i dont want to do nothing like the day was dragging and so i decided to put music and get ready to go to the spot and workout yes you herd right i got ready and went to workout with my coach and as soon as i got there seeing all the ladies and my coach i felt a little better and we laugh and then we got down to business yes the workout was intence and we maid it through then we did a tictoc for fun and we had fun and enjoy ourself i feel like working out makes me feel energise and happy so sometimes you just have to push yourself to do things when your mind tells you no because by me seeing the girls and working out i felt alive again and i am so happy even though i have pain and the weather hasnt been on my side i made it through and i have to continue pushing through but all im saying if you feel like this go for a walk visit someone that brings you joy and you will see the difference i promise it will make you feel so much better and alive i am so happy i push myself to do so


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