life and stories

A day in my life when fibermyalgia and lupus and artritis kicks in and all your plans goes to the rabbit hole!

Meaning because of the rain and all these health problems when it rains everythig is ruined yesterday i had plans to wash clothes and to cook food for the hubby and so it didnt get done on top of that i got my injections for my psoriasis and so there goes my day the only thing i was able to do was take my girls braids off and even doing that my hands were swollen but it had to be done i had plans to continue shredding old documents to eliminate bulk and unesesarry papers and also because i want to minimize things around the house i did get a giant box from ikea and i manange t eliminate the box and put the items purchase on the counter to clean later and put away but i couldnt i was not feeling right lots of pain in my joints and and my hands feet were so swollen it even hurt to put sneakers on yeah that bad but i thank god i am alive and that my family is good and we live another day to tell the new stories how was your day yesterday!


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