life and stories

good morning good morning! if you want to know what I am doing keep reading!

I am having such a relax day after drinking my meds last night today I feel week and super tired and so I am just resting and watching my show today while I mess with my planners and watch my favorite show pretty little liars and I got a package from Ikea a massive package and I am so exited to throw away all the old plates and cups and mugs and bowls away for the new ones this is so cute but my meds are strong I still feel super tired or mellow I hate this feeling but I am trying to stay active here and well I love chatting with you guys also I received my pink tights yesterday super cute they are so sex c I will try to wash clothes and cook in a bit I want to knit but I dont think I can today feeling to tired today how is your day going so far I even paid bills and I found my life insurance money order when you think you put something in one place but it appears somewhere else its funny but I had a cup of milk and cookies and wallaby’s I’m calm


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