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HBOMAX has been my savior through out this pandemic!

I have been watching movies and tv shows like crazy I have to say it has been entertaining for me I watch my shows while the hubby goes to work and when he is home and we are eating dinner we watch movies also it is great that some theater movies pops up in hbomax because we make popcorn and have a drink and just relax we also watch movies with the kids as well it has been such fun to do this last night we was watching Aquaman it is such an amazing movie the action the colors the graphic I love it plus the story is great and we had popcorn and drinks and we all enjoy the movie and we even chat about the movie after what we liked and what we didn’t like witch wasn’t the case here this movie is a dream and did I mention how sexy is aqua man like just saying he is a treat also his mom is so cute and the princess that fell in love with him is so pretty love her red hair so much and it was amazing I wonder what movie we will watch tonight any suggestion on movies or shows to watch here I know I told you guys that I am binge watching Pretty Little Liars I love this show


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