life and stories

have you ever wonder where your money goes? do you feel like your not spending right or just lost some times!

this weekend I had $800.00 and I went to the friends house for the weekend and hubby and I agree to save $500.00 and to spend $300.00 that was our budget but it turned out hubby got carried away and purchased three bottles of alcohol and then some when we went home I ask him about the $500.00 and he stated that we dont have that amount so is annoying that we spend more then we planned like I had stated only$300.00 I even suggested for him to give my son the $500.00 but no I got it and look I hate that I had plans and he just whatever any who I just know the next time I will hold my money and do what I do because he is with my cuzins hubby he forget certain things have to be done right we did enjoy our self but I wanted to be more wise for the month I am not doing this ever again I have to start doing things right for me because I have kids and they need their mom to be on point I can’t say he is an ass but we should’ve manage right I had plans with that money like he knew this omg what I am trying to say is I will manage my money myself next time because I will be on point and I stick to my plans life is hard we cant be spending money like we got it when we dont have it we need to make better decisions like manage money better and safe money we have to make better choices life is not getting better but we can make it better maybe spending less and not spending on certain things we dont need anymore yeah so this is what happened to me has this ever happened to you? and what do you do different now?


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