life and stories, My Family

Today is a great day everyone god has giving us another day of life and beauty what more can we want!

I woke up sleepy and with no energy to do anything but as soon as i stretch out and said thank you god for a new day for all your blessings and god bless my kids and family and hubby and my kids i went to the bathroom feeling grrrr but i put some Tyler Perry inspirational youtube affirmation videos as i wash my mouth and did my dace routine all that bad energy went away slowly i even manage to wear something nice and i feel good about myself and i am exited for a new day to start i was gonna wear some big old sweat pants and then i said i am not gonna wear this i pull out some nike tights and a a nice loose tank and my Jordan’s and a cardigan because i have a appointment and my daughter as well so yeah put some jewelry on and here i am happy and taking over have a bless day everyone


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