life and stories

Have you ever gone to speak to a psychiatrist and they make you look crazy!

I swear these doctors are crazy because i may have issues dont mean i want to kill myself or harm myself i have kids to live for noone take cares of my kids better then me noone will cater to them the way i do life is hard and people make you look like your crazy i am not crazy my kids are my world and life happens but we seek help to be helped not to be judge or signal like your crazy or your not doing your part i do a lot and i am the head of our household i manage i take care of everything people should be a little more cautious on how they speak to people because you can hurt their feelings not everyone is willing to hurt their self situations in life happens but i am one of those that wont hurt myself or my kids i luv being a mom with all the headaches that comes with it and more life is great because of my kids having to do things to make them happy and better their education thats what keeps me saint having my dogs and knitting keeps me saint trying to workout that keeps me saint


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