Good Morning everyone? Here is what I am gonna get into today?

it is still am so we are eating cereal me and the kids that is. the hubby is at work today they called him in. that’s great news because he had been out of work for a while since the pandemic. he was so happy they called him in, he loves to work. as we are eating cereal my mom calls me and ask if is ok for me to go visit her, and I said sure we meet you in your house in a hour. jj is cuming with us that’s great news. being that he likes to be home more then going out. I guess ill be painting ceramics with mom today and she is gonna wash my hair and straighten it that is great. hubby like my hair straight. anywho I guess the organization of my craft room will be done later and washing clothes. hopefully the hubby don’t be upset. I dought it but yeah and then when I come home I will get to the washing clothes and organizing the craft beauty kids room I guess that’s what it is now. is gonna be such a great day today seing my mom is always a blessing love spending time with my mom. my life is great guys amaizing I feel the fresh air and no stress this is the life. also my small room don’t feel small is spaciouse and practical this is gonna bee great I cantwait till I show you guys how it looks. such a great start in the morning for me and the kids we will spending the day with grandma and grandpa. and their dog minie .

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