so the day finally came where i change rooms! from my big bedroom to the yarn tiny room!

while on Saturday I decided to move rooms! so on Saturday my bed arrives and I decided in the evening that I wanted to move rooms boy what am I getting my self into! I mean hey I know I am a bit crazy, who moves rooms in the evening right! any who my hubby wasn’t please with the time I wanted to do things but the wonderful men that he is said ok so then things started moving fast and boy did we all got hurt here and there with the furniture. so my son move the big dresser with the hubby to the room. hubby thought the dresser didn’t fit but I was right and it did fit. then my son had fun with my old book case a beat it with a bat and got his frustration off. that was funny but he broke it , also it was not gonna come out the door anyways so yeah. he was happy. then we build the queen size bed and hubby was surprise that we can open the drawers with no problem also because it is the smallest room in the house. then today we put the tall dresser in the small room to he also thought we wouldn’t be able to open drawers but we can. he is such a funny men he makes me so happy. any who today I started getting my yarn room together and boy was there so much to deal with. but the truth I do have a lot of stuff. I didn’t know I had all that stuff in the small room. but I have struggle with how I am gonna put things but then it came to me the ideas and all the things in mind. now I have a section for a vanity so ill have my makeup there different furniture but hey it works. I also have a yarn section and a computer slash work section also a bookshelf that my son gave me. he also gave me his old desk and chair. so that’s part of my vanity area. I also have a black table my mom gave me and I put my sewing machine on it so there is access to use it now. this is so neat I have an area for all my favorite things to do. planner area, yarn are, sewing area, book area, area for my twins to play at the center on the floor in the room. I am still not done with room yet as far as organizing but getting there. I am actually happy with the changes we did so yea this is great.

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