so how is everyone doing today? I have to say I feel slightly better but there is always a but right!

so my head hurts and my neck hurts I was knitting on a pair of vanilla socks and I kinda fell asleep and like 8 stitches drop off my needles and yes I was knitting the fleegle heel on these socks and yes I was so upset and rip them out yes I did I ripped them of or what we call frogged them but truth is I started the sock all over again yes I did but I rather do the heel flap and gusset instead I also knit on my sons flax sweater the sleeves and also had him try his sweater on the good thing is he loves it and he wants the cuff of the sweater to be kinda wide that’s weird but that’s what he wants so that’s what he will have right I did finish one of my twins socks now I have to start the other one for my other twin so yeah that’s gonna take a long time I don’t know about you guys but I noticed I am a selfish knitter yes I said it is ok right is ok to only want to knit for your self right I love knitting garments and socks and hats and shawls and I have two flaxlight garments almost done I just need to knit the sleeves well on one of them I will make tiny sleeves like a t-shirt type and the other one will be up to my elbow and I haven’t done that but I will have a podcast this Sunday so stay tune for that this weekend I will show like I believe two finish objects and some works in progress also I have been working on my mitered square blanket and I fell back in love with it again so that’s what I have been doing thus far what are you working on?

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