so a few days ago I went to city island with my mom and stepdad!

I won’t be eating food from outside for a while I tell you that much. although I did enjoy the shrimp with fries and the Pina colada. I have to say later on at night I had a sharp pain and I ended up throwing up my guts yes it was bad the pain in my stomach was horrible and I have to say the only thing I ate during the day that could have cost that was the shrimp I ate at city island. I have been sick for two days since with fever and stomach pain but thank god I don’t have corona virus I was scared that it was that. the truth is I didn’t get out the car but you know you may never know how you get it right. any who I woke up today better then the last two days willing to do everything got up and got my girls on their school meetings on time and ate breakfast with them and also lunch. yesterday I couldn’t do that I was messed up! like I was in bed all day with pain and fever so far the fever went away. also I had a massive headache. but today I am full of energy and I want to do everything. so today I set up a game day yeah you herd me we will be playing board games today as a family and ill post some pictures. the hubby is a big help he took care of me as a men should and cater to the kids. I couldn’t have ask for anything better in life. truth be told I never thought we would end up together but it happened and I am super happy it did. life is better now for me and my kids or should I say our kids.

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