it is such a great idea that we can finally get out the house now? even if it is for a little bit!

I was told I can go outside today! boy was I happy to hear that! so I already maid plans to stay at my moms house tomorrow for two days. yes I miss her so much I know she don’t read my blog because I keep this private from her but I do love my mom dearly. did I mention I can finally get some air and go outside. this is gonna be great my step father bought me a pink bunny mask to wear now that I was told I can go outside. great news I believe certain shops will open up tomorrow but I am not looking forward to going shopping outside. but I am so happy I can finally go for a walk and get some real air. truth is I don’t know what to once we are free to out again. have of the time the hubby ask me babe what you want from outside and I swear I don’t even remember what is out there. but hey its good to know I can step a foot out the house for a bit. well I am staying at my moms house for two days. yes I will be knitting but we can chat watch movies and eat popcorn or play her famous game Chinese checkers yeah she beats everyone in that game and we gonna play dominos and unos cards yeah I sound like a kid but I am exited to spend some time with my mom and step dad. did I mention I am 37 years old and I beat my mom twice in Chinese checkers yeah she is that good at it. I believe we going to Walmart on Saturday gonna get my kids cereal and some snacks. also I enjoy the fact that my family and my hubby get along. life is great now and I am living a stress free life this guy Tommy is wonderful. I swear things are very light for me the way he treats my kids the wonderful father that he is is what got me with him. my son gets along with him and they get along very well and that makes me happy. my girls love him he is so loving and caring he has two kids of his own and he is on point with his kids. I just have no complains other then he snores so loud I can’t sleep with him but over all I love my baby he makes me and the kids all five of them happy and with that I am supper happy myself.

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