who factor! can you believe apple was charging me for numerous apps and I was not aware of it?

I wasn’t looking into my bank account before because I was stress or into some thing and never really looked into my bank account. until my boyfriend ask me why are you being charge numerous times on apple and my response was I don’t know. so then one day we decided to look into it and realize that almost $300.00 was being charge in a month but I never realize it. so I called my bank and the bank file a claim and I was returned almost $500 dollars back. so be aware to where your money is going because all this time I could of been saving or buying things for the house and I was being scam. any who the situation was fix and I no longer have that problem. I tell you one thing I make sure to look at my bank statement everyday to make sure I am not being scam again. thanks to my boyfriend I am now aware of this matter and check my status on a daily basis.

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