has anyone of ya seen my latest podcast? if not you need to go check it out?

I have to admit I am so proud of myself I have finish four projects yes who am I but I did finish four projects. a pair of baby socks and no I am not pregnant. also I finished my shawl in a ball shawl. a yarn cozy lite by the amazing designer nitty natty I have to say this was super fast knit and I will be making plenty of these. they are great to use your scrap yarn sock weight or worsted I think is super easy to adapt to any weight yarn. I also finish my neon socks. the pattern I use for the socks was by the crazy sock lady the name of the pattern is the Austin sock name after one of her sons. the pair I finish these four projects in two weeks who am I! I am now working on my sons sweater sleeves the truth is I got distracted with the yarn cozy and the baby socks. yeah they are so adorable and super easy to knit. the yarn cozy is a paid for pattern but is worth it. I also show a couple of gifts I got for mothers day and my wips and some stash enhancements. check it out and let me know if you guys like the podcast.

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