hey everyone sorry for not being on is pms time?

yesterday was a hard day for me the first day is the worst and I had to lay down the pain was massive and I drunk a pain pill and was sleeping all day but yes I did eat and the kids did their homework and work and clean but after that the Elmo came in mess up my day any who I am ok and up and running today so today I am kinda ok and knitting and spending time with my kids and playing around great day so far. how you spend your day? also I have been on this patter by knittynatty is the yarn cozy light it is a easy and chatter friendly knit this is for your yarn cake or balls not to get unravel she is a genius I have been knitting on this today and nothing else so far and I am almost done with this I can’t wait to finish it and post a picture with my yarn cake inside super fun knit guys

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