today was a chill type of day? anyone wants to loose weight or gain or maintain their weight and live a healthy life? care to join me! (Herbalife products works) I am a believer I use them and I have lost 25 pounds in two months!who wants to join me?

I am supervisor in Herbalife I am also a coach and I help people eat better and guide them to a better start in the product of what they need to maintain the weight or to loose the weight truth be told I also use the products and I can advice you it works if you do It right. I have herd that oh but I use to use it and I gain the weight back fast! the questions were you doing it right were you eating right and exercising on a regular? were you following your coach instructions? I guaranteed success if you do it the right way! also my boyfriend became a preferred member and he is super exited! we are super exited to help those in need to loose or gain or even maintain the weight. we also give you a chat where team beauty stay in communication and post meals they eat on a daily basis for them to be accounted for. it is not hard just how much you want it and are you gonna push for you to meat your goals. that’s is the question? if you would like to join me in this amazing team beauty journey let me know their are also a guys group as well they also have their chat groups where they post their meals and ask for advice also if your interested in joining the business with me let me know we can both help each other and others as well! don’t get discourage try it out with me and I will help you meet your goals! in my blog I make sure to post the truth of my life and what I am doing and engaging on so that you can see that I am a real person and that this is not to sell products only but advice and help when need be!


team beauty has helped me love me and work on what I considered my flaws. trust me I learn to love myself and my skin but I do struggle sometime with life. I have psoriasis and that’s a big thing in my life. is something I have been dealing with since I was 8 years old. and I hate it to be honest. I also feel ugly at times. but my group and my coach always remind me that I am beautiful and that I just have to work eating healthy and working out and to use products that don’t have so much alcohol in them so that it don’t irritate my condition. also I have been using the soap from herbalife and it has help me a lot my skin is not as dry as it was before and I love it. we also have empowering days where we sit together via life or zoom and we talk about our goals and how we feel and what we want to change and we give each other advice. and when we fall back down we all push each other back up! why because this is like a sisterhood we stick together no matter what and we have to help one another no matter the consequences! their times we all are going through some things in our personal life that brings us back to the dark hole but we have to know that we have each other to help us get back up!

this is my truth let me know if your interested and if you would like me add you to team beauty!

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