Hey everyone have ya herd about the kumari system

well i would like for ya to join me with this system lets to it together as far as what i know you suppose to have a keep pile and donate pile and a trash pile for a little person i do have a lot of clothes and i dont think i need that many because i sure have not even seen what is in my closet wink im sure i am not the only one that has a ton of items i wont even wear now but lets get rid of things we dont need and declutter our lifes i will post a youtube video on when i start so that you guys see that i can do this i hope i need to do this for my own good and because i know i will buy more but i need to get rid of things i am not gonna use and donate them so that my clothes can be someones treasures ill keep ya posted my youtube account is ladycraftsalot83 podcast check me out

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